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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Erbacher Foundation Grants - India, Tanzania, Uganda Last date 1st August 2017

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Bear Responsibility – Help Sensibly:“We do not only bear responsibility for ourselves but also for our descendants and those people in the world who are not as fortunate as we are to be blessed with tangible goods” says Josef Erbacher, former executive director of the two companies Josera and Erbacher. These were the thoughts leading to the founding of the ERBACHER Foundation in 1989. 

The ERBACHER Foundation supports development aid intents in rural regions worldwide. Projects especially important to us are those promoting livestock husbandry, crop production, drinking water supply and environmental protection. We want to contribute in making life in rural areas worthwhile living again.

Our support is mainly financial. There is an increasing professional exchange between local project partners and experts from the companies mentioned. Both can learn from each other.

The ERBACHER Foundation cooperates with confessional as well as independent development partners. It also likes to support smaller projects that were started through personal dedication of people responsible for the respective project.

Purpose of the Foundation:The ERBACHER Foundation sponsors charitable projects that make life in the country possible, worth living and future-oriented. There are four different project categories:

1. Projects in selected developing areas that directly pursue the purpose of securing healthy and balanced nourishment. 

The Foundation sponsors

agricultural methods to safeguard a permanent and survivable income in an economically smart and responsible way and to improve nourishment.
projects in agricultural formation and training.
agricultural practices to conserve biodiversity.
agricultural projects to support disadvantaged women. 
2. Projects in selected developing areas that serve the protection of and access to water, soil and healthy air.

This includes the sponsoring of

measures in the fields of water resources management, drinking water supply,  basic sanitation as well as agricultural irrigation.
reforestation to prevent erosion.
measures to improve the quality of farmland.
access to agriculturally productive soils for small farmers.
efficient animal-breeding to diminish climate-relevant pollution.
climate change adaption projects.
3. Projects in selected developing areas that provide the necessary infrastructure, access to markets or know how for the successful and sustainable realization of the projects mentioned in No.1 and No. 2.

This includes the sponsoring of

processing and commercialization of agricultural projects.
occupational training. 
structures of farming and business cooperatives. 
4. Programs of international exchange, studying and raising of consciousness to sensitize for the world-wide living conditions in the countryside.

This includes the sponsoring of

transfer of knowledge between project partners.
exchange projects which help to give interested young people and adults living in the region of the Erbacher Company the experience of the reality of life in agricultural developing areas.
raising consciousness and PR at local level.   
The Foundation does not finance research projects at universities and scientific institutions. 
The Foundation does not finance campaigns on development issues in industrial countries.
The Foundation does not participate in projects that finance (micro-) loans.

Uganda, Tanzania and India Are Future Priority Countries
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ERBACHER FOUNDATION we reviewed strategy, focus and purpose of the foundation so we would be able to keep providing help through our foundation in the best possible way in the future. Up to now we have supported projects in developing countries all over the world. We want to keep up this conduct for the future but we will furthermore be providing targeted support to projects in certain focal regions.  

Right now, these priority countries are Uganda, Tanzania and India. Our concern is to build expertise in these three countries, support and facilitate the participation of our company’s employees who want to commit to our foundation and to establish contact between young people from our region and people in priority countries. We are still highly interested in the active exchange of knowledge and experiences – in our priority countries and all over the world.  

If you are realizing or supporting a project in Uganda, Tanzania or India we are looking forward to your respective application. 

We will try to take into account project applications submitted by established partners even if they do not concern the focal regions.  

Applications submitted by new partners will only be accepted for the priority countries Uganda, Tanzania and India. 
For full details see the link below: 

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