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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Child Development Practical and Dissemination - Waterloo Foundation - Last date 2nd July 2017

Funds for NGOs - India and other countries

Activities: Children,Others

Child Development Practical and Dissemination Applications

To apply for a practical or dissemination grant from the Child Development Fund

Please click here to have a good look at our focus this year. We welcome applications for practical projects disseminating research-based information about the conditions we are interested in and the way they co-occur. We also welcome applications for practical projects in Wales which help those affected. Awards for practical projects are usually up to £10,000, although applications for larger grants will be considered in special circumstances.


In general the timing of practical and dissemination awards will be the same as for our research awards, but there is some scope for flexibility. For practical reasons it is helpful if applications for practical and dissemination projects are made when we are also receiving applications for research projects in the same topic. Thus, if possible, please send the application in before the relevant deadline listed here. However, for practical and dissemination projects, we do have some flexibility with timings.

Application requirements

Please head it with the:
Name of your organisation.
Name of the project.
Information about who you are:
The name of the lead applicant.
Contact details of the person to reply to:
Phone number.
Postal address.
A link to your individual, project, and / or team website.
Charity number or equivalent.
A contact in the organisation’s central finance team.
The name and email address of any one you will work with for this project, with their organisation’s name and an indication of how much time (s)he will commit to the project throughout its duration
Information about your project:
Summary of the project’s background and approach.
Rationale for the project and why it is needed.
Key goals of the project: What do you hope to achieve from it?
Method: How will you go about reaching these goals?
Evidence-base: can you give us some evidence as to why this is the best approach? Articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals would be particularly welcome.
How ethical issues have been addressed:
Does everyone involved have a current CRB check?
What are your policies to safeguard children and vulnerable adults?
Are any other ethical or institutional approvals needed for this project?
What is your lone-working policy?
Sources of advice you have used during the development of your proposed project.
Costings: Please supply a budget in table format as an appendix, with one row for each spend. By all means group items through using additional columns, but each item must be listed in a separate row. Furthermore, for projects spanning more than one year, the budget must indicate which funding is required in each year.
Timescale, in calendar months. This should include a plan with key milestones, and can be presented as a Gannt chart.
Viability, including track record with such projects previously.
A summary of job descriptions for any posts included in the application
Any other sources of funding involved.
What will happen if your application to us is unsuccessful?
Information about the expected impact of your project
Practical impact of the project: who will benefit, and the likely timescale of benefit.
How will you measure the success of your project in reaching its goals?
The key beneficiaries of the project – who they are and how many there are.
How will you tell others about the project and its success?
Suggested referees.
Please suggest two people who could give an objective reference for your project. They must be from a different organisation to you, cannot be family members, and cannot have worked with you for at least five years. Please give their names, organisations, and email addresses.
Your application must be in Word and page numbered. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font with at least 1” margins. It can be up to 4 pages long.

For further details visit the link below

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