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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal aspects.
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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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American Express CSR Grant Support - Criteria

Activities: Others


Review Funding Priorities

Before applying, please review the three program themes that reflect our funding priorities:Historic Preservation, Leadership and Community Service.

Verify Organization and Project are Eligible for Funding

Eligible organizations must: 

Certify tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Organizations outside the U.S. must be able to document nonprofit status.

Not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, disability, handicap, age, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law.

Please do not submit funding requests for:

Individual needs, including scholarships, sponsorships and other forms of financial aid.

Fund-raising activities, such as galas, benefits, dinners and sporting events.

Goodwill advertising, souvenir journals or dinner programs.

Travel for individuals or groups.

Sectarian activities of religious organizations.

Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns.

Books, magazines or articles in professional journals.

Endowments or capital campaigns, except restoration projects.

Traveling exhibitions (we will only consider each venue on its own).

Sports sponsorships.

Local Priorities

When working with local organizations to support our giving themes, priority is given to projects in the locations listed below. 

Inside the United States





South Florida


Los Angeles

New York City


Greater Phoenix

Salt Lake City

San Francisco

Washington, D.C.

 Around the World







Hong Kong






Puerto Rico




United Kingdom

If your organization and funding request meet the criteria above please complete our eligibility quiz. On successful completion of the eligibility quiz, you will be sent an invitation to submit your funding proposal.

 CSR Support for Leadership- Developing New Leaders for Tomorrow  

 CSR Support for Preserving and Sustaining Unique Historic Places for the Future   

 Encouraging Community Service-American Express CSR Support



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