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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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KR Foundation Sustainable Behaviour Grant

Funds for NGOS Last date 12 Sept 2016

Activities: Others

Applications are invited from KR Foundation Grants.  The last date to apply is September 12, 2016
KR Foundation  generally supports non-profit organisations working with advocacy, communication, and behavioural change.

What we fund
In our general approach to funding we:

  • Support activities that address root causes, are scalable and have an international perspective
  • Focus on activities that have a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, including activities that aim to change mindsets and behavior
  • Focus on activities that have convening power, facilitate cooperation between key stakeholders and help to link existing research and knowledge to action
  • Support activities that help catalyze desired political processes at an international level and support new leadership (top-down approach) as well as activities aiming to communicate and create awareness (bottom-up approach)
  • Are willing to take risks and support activities having the potential of contributing to transformative and systemic change, and challenging conventional wisdom by exploring alternative and creative approaches

What we do not fund:As a general principle KR Foundation does NOT support activities that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Applicant is a for-profit organization or a candidate for political office
  • Sole applicant is an individual government organization at the national, regional or local level, including provincial and city administrations
  • Local and community-based activities that are not scalable or that do not have an international perspective
  • Applicant seeks an individual scholarship or other individual support
  • Applicant seeks funding for capital construction or endowment campaigns
  • KR Foundation as primary funder in establishing new organizations, institutes or centers
  • Applicant seeks funding for nature conservation projects, including projects focused on single species
  • Developing clean energy solutions and market ready solutions
  • Projects in which the primary focus is to establish new or expanding existing databases
  • Thematic Priority Area – Sustainable Behaviour
  • Changes in people’s consumption behaviours and practices are essential if we are to remain within planetary boundaries. In the coming calls for applications (first deadline 12 September 2016), “sustainable behaviour” will be a thematic priority area for KR Foundation.
The Foundation will especially consider funding for initiatives that explore novel ways to create and accelerate behavioural change, and that have the potential to change consumption patterns at a systemic level. This could include, for example, initiatives that focus on:
  • Promoting sustainable behaviour; for instance, by changing incentives, creating infrastructures, and shifting the architecture of choice
  • Countering wasteful consumption; for instance, by supporting conscious, “mindful” or ethical consumption
  • Supporting sustainable behaviour change in relevant target groups; for instance, amongst children, young people, or “millennials”
  • Bringing research and insights from social and behavioural sciences into the political debate and decision-making
KR Foundation will NOT consider funding for initiatives that primarily focus on:
  • Sustainable production methods and systems
  • Renewable energy systems and energy efficiency in housing/heating
  • Labelling campaigns
  • Size of grant
  • KR Foundation’s grants typically range from DKK 0.5m to DKK 5m
For more information visit:

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