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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Joint Global Health Trials scheme – launch of sixth call for proposals -Eligibility

Funds for NGOs Last date 10th September 2015

Activities: Health/Nutrition,Others

How to apply?

Applications will be submitted to and processed by MRC on behalf of the three partner agencies.

 There are two application types:

1.  Outline proposals for a global health trial research grant (two stage application process)

2.  Trial development grant proposals (one stage application process)

Please see the Guidance document (link) for further information on applying through either route.

The MRC must receive your outline proposal by 16:00 British Summer Time on Thursday 10th September 2015.

Funding Available

A total of up to £20 million is available.  This is expected to fund several Global Health trial research grant awards.  Depending on the range of proposals received, around £1.5 million of this amount is expected to be spent on trial development grants, and this amount is also expected fund several awards.

To be successful trial proposals do not need to be large-multi-centre trials.  One of the evaluation questions will be whether the proposed scale of the research is necessary and cost-effective for answering the research question. 

You may request support for:

All research costs that are attributable to the trial. For example, appropriate percentages of the investigators’ time, scientific, technical and administrative staff including statisticians, research nurses, trial managers etc., consumables, items of equipment, data /sample handling and archiving and travel.
The cost of holding trial steering and data monitoring committees.
Training and support for a trial manager.
Regulation, ethical review and liability may vary across different countries.  Principal Investigators and proposed sponsors should ensure that they have adequately understood the feasibility and costs of participation of proposed international centres. For example, insurance arrangements will vary between countries and the sponsor (usually the host institution) is responsible for ensuring adequate arrangements are in place at each site.


Principal Investigators

This scheme is open to Principal Investigators who are employed by eligible institutions based in low or middle income economies where the research work will take place and to Principal Investigators who are employed by an eligible UK institution. Eligible UK institutions include UK Higher Education Institutions, Research Council institutes, and eligible Independent Research Organisations (IROs).  All IROs listed on the Research Councils UK web page: opens in new window

For researchers based in low or middle income economies, eligible institutions include higher education institutions and non-profit research institutions.   If the application is submitted by an LMIC organisation, the primary headquarters of that organisation must be in one of the LMIC countries where the trial will take place. 

Research Institutions based outside the UK will be asked to complete additional eligibility and financial checks before an award is offered, and awards will be dependent on satisfactory completion of those checks.

MRC units and institutes can apply to this call; usual rules for funding grants to MRC units and institutes will apply.  If you are based at an MRC unit or institute please contact your local MRC research support office for further information.

It is not permitted for the same person to be Prinicipal Investigator on any more than two proposals submitted to this call.

Co-applicants and collaborators

The nature of this scheme means that we would expect applications to be predominantly based in low or middle income countries.  Funding for co-applicants and collaborators in other regions can be requested, but we would expect that the majority of funds would support the costs in the low or middle income country where the trial will be conducted.  Investigators employed by an institution in a High income economy country outside the UK cannot be a Principal Investigator on a proposal, but can be a Co-investigator.

Resubmissions:We are not able to accept resubmissions of proposals that have already been considered under this scheme.  If you have substantially changed a previous proposal and wish to discuss whether it might be eligible, please contact

Evaluation process: Applications will be considered by an expert panel convened specifically for this scheme jointly agreed by MRC, DFID and the Wellcome Trust.  Additional scientific experts might be invited to provide written comments if the funders and/or panel chair deem this necessary.

The panel’s decision will be final and will not be open to appeal  Please ensure that all necessary information is incorporated in your outline proposal as there will not be an opportunity to add additional information after submission.

Terms and conditions

Funded grants will be managed according to MRC’s standard Terms and conditions

DfID, MRC and the Wellcome Trust require that all trials funded by this scheme are run according to the MRC guidelines for good clinical practice in clinical trials. 

Please also see the Wellcome Trust guidelines on research involving people living in developing countries in new window 

Dates: The deadline for submission of outline applications is 4pm British Summer Time on 10th September 2015. We intend to inform applicants in late November 2015 whether they are invited to submit a full proposal. The deadline for full proposals is likely to be in February 2016, with final decisions likely to be available in June 2016. 

Contacts and guidance
All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the Medical Research Council:
For more information visit:
Other Funding Opportunities: 
For country and state wise Latest Jobs visit  


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