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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Developement Jobs

Research Associate at Ideosync Media Combine

Research Associate
JOB TITLE  :  Research Associate
POSITION TYPE :  Full time
EXPERIENCE  :  2-3 years acceptable. Additional experience preferred.
ORGANIZATION :   Ideosync Media Combine
LOCATION  :   Faridabad, Haryana


ABOUT IDEOSYNC:Ideosync Media Combine is a not for profit organisation based in the national capital region. Ideosync works on Communication for Social Change including working on communication on RSH and young people; Health, Gender; and Education. Our focus is on creating enabling environments and harnessing ICTs for greater freedom of the media as well as increased capacity of communities to create, own and manage their own media. Ideosync designs, develops and produces behaviour change communication materials through a rigorous process of community participation, pre testing and formative research. A large part of our work also involves training and capacity building of different stakeholders and local organisations for integrating innovative information, advocacy and communication strategies into their core development activities including Community radio and innovative use of mobiles.

We are currently looking for a Researcher to work with the research team on a variety of communication and media research projects

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Working principally with and under the advice and direction of Ideosync’s Director of Projects, the Programs officer will undertake certain responsibilities. These will include:

 Understand the scope of the research projects currently being undertaken and proposed and design appropriate methodologies for the same
 Develop an overall research design with key research questions and detail the methodology
 Design and finalize all research tools and research training modules
 Travel to the field to collect research data primarily for qualitative research and to train implementing partners and local research teams in writing regular materials like field notes and diaries that will be part of on going ethnographic action research
 Collate and analyze data generated through out the initiative
 Carry out coding and analyses of qualitative data
 Analyze the qualitative data using appropriate research analysis tools like SPSS; Atlas Ti or NVIVO
 Generate a detailed analysis and research reports to reflect the findings of the research activities

The incumbent shall have the following profile:
 Be a trained researcher and research analyst
 Have at least two year prior experience in designing research, collating and analyzing data
 Have a good style and proficiency in writing research reports
 Must have a good understanding of the both qualitative and quantitative research practices and tools including SPSS and NVIVO or ATLAS Ti
 Have an in depth understanding of ethnographic action research techniques and analysis
 Be able to develop research tools to suit the aims and objectives of a research project
 Be able to codify and analyze data generated from a research process
 Be able to follow research protocol and collect data from the field by undertaking FGDs and interviews and implementing questionnaires
 Be able to work as part of a team, with problem solving skills and with the capacity to think independently and creatively in order to address the needs of the project

LANGUAGE SKILLS:English (primary); Hindi (good level of spoken skills)
TO APPLY:Please submit a comprehensive CV in English with sample of work, as well as salary expectations and current CTC to    /     
Contact Tel: +91-0129-4131883/4064883


~ 13/3/2013

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