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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Opening of the Call for Projects in support of decentralized Cooperation- Youth III- Eligibility

Funds for NGOs Eligibility All countries Last date: 17 April 2017

Activities: Youth,Others


1. Youth participation:Projects should focus on young people and integrate them into the decentralized cooperation project. Volunteers and young people in vocational training must be supervised and followed throughout their international experience, which must be able to be valued on their return to the actors of the territory (companies, schools, high schools, universities, associations, etc.). ).
2. Mutualization and consultation

Priority will be given to the projects carried out by several local and regional authorities in order to give greater coherence and effectiveness to their actions. 5 additional bonus co-financing bonuses will be granted to projects submitted by several French territorial authorities.
This mutualisation can be carried out in France on regional territory with the support of regional multi-actor networks (RRMA) and regional committees for European and international mobility (COREMOB), in the host country with the support of the Cités country group France France (CUF) or the French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE) or on the theme of the call for projects;
The various local and regional authorities already acting on the same territory in a partner country will be required to come together to coordinate their actions so that their dossiers can be eligible. The Atlas of Decentralized Cooperation can help identify existing partnerships;
 New projects proposed on the territory of a foreign partner local partner on which projects and partnerships are already working with one or more other French community (s) (whatever their themes) will be The coordination of the new project with the one already in place will be explicitly formulated by the various stakeholders (eg joint letter).
3. Priority for new projects:The objective of this call for projects is on the one hand the net increase in the departure and reception of young people on the move and on the other hand the search for innovation and new partnerships in vocational training. As a result, applications for funding to MAYIA can not replace existing devices or projects . Each project must therefore offer a guarantee of innovation with, for example, more young people on the move, setting up the principle of reciprocity or adding a partner.
4. Local Business Participation:The projects in which the French territorial authorities plan to integrate one or more companies in their territory into their actions (co-financing, provision of expertise, etc.) will be privileged, especially in the case of projects concerning vocational training. Likewise, the participation of federative organizations or in relation to companies in the French territorial community, such as competitiveness clusters, clusters and economic development agencies, is also encouraged.
5. Equality between women and men and social diversity:Projects that promote a balanced involvement of women and men in their design and implementation will be given priority. A balance of gender and social mix is ​​desirable for the departure or reception of young people in international mobility, and will be particularly sought after in access to vocational training offers.
6. Reciprocity between territories: Eligible projects must provide guarantees of a balanced partnership and will contribute to the strengthening of exchanges between young people from territory to territory. Thus, the reception of young foreigners in France is encouraged on the principle of reciprocity of exchanges, in particular within the framework of the Civic Service system and that of the mobility of young people in vocational training.
7. Update of the Atlas of Decentralized Cooperation and the Declaration of Official Development Assistance (ODA)

The territorial collectivities and groups applying for the call for projects are asked to submit their official development assistance each year and to inform the descriptive sheets in the French Atlas of Decentralized Cooperation online portal . Otherwise, no co-financing will be granted.
8. Support for European objectives:As the call for projects is linked to the European mobility program "  Erasmus +  ", local authorities can be part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and its various components, such as strategic partnerships or the European solidarity.
Strategic partnerships aim at strengthening the systemic effects of EVS at local, regional, national and / or European level. Projects to reach disadvantaged young people (refugees, asylum seekers and migrants included), promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue, European values ​​such as diversity, freedom, tolerance and learning will be considered relevant. 
The European Corps will give young people the opportunity to volunteer or to work on projects to help communities and people in Europe (eg post-earthquake reconstruction, reception of asylum seekers, prevention of fires in forests ... ).
More information on the website: .

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