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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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Ekta Vidya Mandira Trust

Station Dahikhal, Dahikhal, Muniguda,Rayagada Zip/Pin: 765020,M:09438403670:
Rayagada, Orissa
Contact: Maheswar Brahmachary ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: N/A

Activities: Others

Activities: Education for all 
Aim/Objective/Mission: 1. To develop institution for the Disabled, Tribal’s and other economically and socially Backwards needy students to provide Education, Food and Clothing to them besides Study Materials. 2. To run and maintain Hospitals and Schools for Charitable purpose. 3. To donate to similar Institutions or Trusts having similar objectives. 4. To open, run, continue and manage Educational & Vocational Institutions and different similar organizations in healthy surroundings under the strike supervision and guidelines of the Trust Board and /or its nominee(s). 5. To accept technical and commercial offers from different individuals, institutions, trusts companies, co-operative societies and other Government, Semi-Government & Non Government organizations. 6. To engage teachers, professors, instructors and experts of different faculties with goods moral character and capable of imparting efficiently and economically up-to date curricular to students in modern science and Technologies and individual vocations, research work, intellectual and other useful pursuits. 7. To develop a healthy as well as critical attitudes towards the development of mental physical and moral upliftment of the students and those connected with the institution so as to make them good citizen. 8. To accept donations, grants, matching grants and other offerings and membership fees, from Indians inside the country and aboard as well as from the NRIs and from citizen of other countries and to deal with the same for purpose of the Trust. 9. To accept membership such as, life membership, Ordinary member, Special members and the Trustees may at the recommendations of the other pay out such stipends, scholarships or financial aid and citizen special facilities on such terms if any as they may deem fit from time to time. 10. To sell shares in the open market to the greatest advantage of the Trust by the trustees with the written permission of the trust Board and the sell proceeds thereof shall be held and used for implementations of the objective of the Trust. 11. The Trustee may at any time invite and receive or without such invitation receive any voluntary contributions from any person or persons or any other Trust or companies whatsoever by way of donations or annual or other subscription or legacy or otherwise for the support or for the benefit or for the benefits or the trusts objectives. 12. The chairmen and managing Trustees shall in their absolute description spend such sum of money as they deem proper and for the general welfare of the trust after being duly empowered through a resolution by the majority of the trustees for fulfilling the objects of the trust. 13. The Trustees may at any time make such arrangements to draw up such scheme or schemas and make or frame such bye laws and rules, as they shall think fit for the administration of the Trust and may at any time amend, alter, repeal any of the said arrangements, schemes, bye laws and rules as against the objects of the trust. 14. To establish promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and /or aid to or help in the setting up of and / or maintaining and or running schools for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education including Managements, Information Technology and all type of Technical Education. 15. To establish promote, setup run, maintain, assist finance support and /or aid to or help in the setting up and / or maintaining and / or running training schools and other in station in the field of job oriented, vocational and professional degree, diploma and Certificate courses in collaboration with Government of India/Government of Orissa, National Council of Vocation Training (NCVT), National council Teachers Education (NCVE) and such other allied institutions or directly as on autonomous Institute/Institutes. 16. To give provide and /or render help and assistance to and/or implement any scheme for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor with special reference to Women and Tribal’s and evolve new schemes on Rural Management. 17. To Organise, Arrange, developer a trained man power pool and provide them with suitable means of livelihood. 18. To initial provide tie up arrangements with University/Universities, the institutes of excellence, demand Universities open Universities in India and abroad arranging education training, extension programmes exchange programmes in the course of human resources development, applied man power researches development, applied man power research and other inter related disciplines. 19. To arrange lecture tours, group discussions and invite persons of eminence as guest lecture, visiting professors fellows from both inside and outside the country. 20. To open, found establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in the setting up and /or maintain and/or running schools, colleges for the most vulnerable section of Society, Lecture halls, Libraries and other establishments or institutions for advancement of educations spread of knowledge in humanities science and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations. 21. To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain and/or running intuitions to train executives, Social Workers and carry out Training Programmes, Sponsorship Programme in collaboration with Government Department, Public Sector undertakings and business houses of reputes. 22. To promote, advance and encourage and/or aid in helping, Promoting, advancing and encouraging all type of educational activities including Technical and Medical Education also Physical Training. Training of Handicrafts, Fine Arts and other useful Arts, Crafts among the public. 23. To foster and encourage Education and Training in Handlorment Fine Arts, amongst women folk in general and establish and found institutions imparting such education and to establish maintain, support or help by monetary gifts or otherwise centres and institutions for woman and to provide social welfare works for women and children. 24. To meet travailing boarding and lodging expenses for students going abroad for Higher Commercial and Technical Education. 25. To grant, pay or give scholarship, stipends, prizes, rewards, allowances and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in schools, colleges, educational institution, technical institution, art cultural arts or other training , research or educational works in India or abroad which include doctoral and post doctoral programmes. 26. To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in the setting up and / or maintaining and / or running hospitals, charitable dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centres, convalescent homes, sanatoriums, hostels and other similar institutions or centres for rendering or providing medical relief and / or aid to the suffering or centres and institutions for promotion of research and educational for medical science including surgery. 27. To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in the setting up and / or maintaining and / or running by monetary gifts or otherwise, centre Stadium, playgrounds and parts for public use, sports and games and other social welfare worked and /or activities and functions in Orissa. 28. To open, found, establish; promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and / or help in the setting up and / or maintaining and/ or running institutions, centres auditoriums and the like for the running of the running of welfare and other services to the public and to provide meeting room for social useful activities and functions. 29. To organize, encourage and initial socio-economic programmes by poverty alleviation, rehabilitation and social awareness through Non Governmental Organisations with the help of trust to develop Human Resources. 30. To encourage and initiate Programmes on environment protection, pollution control, protection of Human Rights and Waste land development. 31. To promote Sports and Cultural activities. 32. To establish, promote and provide avenues for exchange of ideas view on the latest trend of human development. 33. To establish and promote professional career guidelines, including creation of multifarious computer complex to help students and public. 34. To establish Libraries, Management Associations, Research Cells, Placement Cells, Consultancy Cells as per Govt. of India and Govt. of Orissa guidelines project and corporate cells and any other cell may be required 35. To establish building houses, offices and other facilities for the members responsible to fulfil the objectives of the Trust. 36. To implement the above objectives, to own, purchase, take on lease or hire purchase movable and immovable properties. 37. To open Educational Consultancy, Foreign Tie up for Education and sending students in the field of Management, Engineering, Medicine, Computer and any other Higher Studies. 38. To open coaching centres, study centres training centres for under graduate, post graduate, professional studies in its own or issue franchise. 39. To undertake programmes for fulfilment of basic need like Food, Clothes, Education, Health Home, Drinking Water, Electricity, Communication etc. In an easy, smooth and comfort manner for economically backward and weaker section persons of the society. 40. To promote self employment through KVIC, NCDC, DIC, SSI, APICOL, NABARD, CAPART, HRD as well as other central and state Govt. Agency and developmental project among economically backwards, SHG, weaker community, unemployed, artisans. Professional by employment support, assistance negotiation, arrangement facilities along with the support of science and technology. 41. To step up institution with programme for rehabilitation of distress, helpless and poor section, shelter home for old age persons, orphans, short stay homes, hostels for working women’s, community centres, care and treatment clinics mobile dispensaries for welfare of weaker community. 42. To undertake programmes for Eradication of Child Labour, Child and Women Exploitation, Women Torture, Dowry Systems, use of Tobacco, Wine & Drugs, Prostitution, Dropouts, Violation of Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Blind Believes, Narrowness in Religion, Language, Anti socialism, Corruption, Violation of Traffic Rule, Citizen Rights. 43. To established institution for support to Games, Health and Physique, Yoga & Naturopathy, Veda, Astrology & other health protection in this regards. 44. To promote Yoga & Meditation along with spiritual programmes for moral & physical development to build of relations, Humanism, Cooperation, Personality, Confidence in Body and Mind with peace of life and social living 45. To promote the cultural programmes with ideological counselling for peaceful family life, understanding in the society to maintain discipline and security in the society and develop cooperation among general public. 46. The Trust shall promote health awareness through Camps, Rallies, Walling, Street play etc, for proper health care of Mother and Child notorious diets, Immunisation, preventives of all diseases , HIV Aids, Polio, Cancer, Eye care, Blindness, T,B. Skin diseases, with participation with local volunteers and institutions. 47. The Trust Shall under take News Paper Literature, Magazines, Audio, Video and electronics Media and may tie up with other funding agencies, Cooperatives and other section negotiation and arrangements with Govt,/Non Govt,/Private on any agencies and their programmes for similar activities in favour of the main purpose and objectives of the trusts. 48. To prepare study material for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Students. 49. To undertake programmes regarding relief and other assistance to distressed and destitute at their need

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