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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Social Innovative DEvelopment Organisation (SIDO)

2/1041,State Bank Colony,Satchiyapuram,Sivakasi West,626124,M:9944964046
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu
Contact: M.Sakthivel MSW ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: Not Available

Activities: Women/Gender,Children,Education,Training,Health/Nutrition,Others


1. Name of organization: SIDO (Social Innovative Development Organization)

2. Goal of SIDO: SIDO is a mission building a human community of Arunthathiyars, the untouchables of India. Its purpose and goal is to empower the Arunthathiyar for the eradication of untouchability and child labour that are commonly found in the target area. The goal of SIDO is to totally eradicate all human right violations. To achieve this goal SIDO is involved in mobilizing and organizing Arunthathiyars socially and politically through organizational programmes, awareness programmes, health programmes, and training programmes. Through street plays, folk art forms, audio-video aids, and cultural celebrations SIDO is continuously communicating with the target people in the process of annihilating all human right violation.

3. Who are ARUNTHATHIYARS: Arunthathiyars are Dalits, who are considered ‘untouchables’ in the caste-ridden Indian society. Pallar, Parayar and Arunthathiyar are the three major Dalit groups in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Among them, Arunthathiyar group is considered to be the lowest. They are also identified with different names such as Sakkiliar, Mathari, Mathiga, Arunthathiyar and Pakadai in different places. The caste system forbade them from owning land and property for thousands of years. They are landless and are traditionally associated with the task of cleaning up the dead animals, scavenging the village, and work related to animal skin and leather. While such traditional work still continues in some villages, many have taken up jobs in the match making and fireworks industries in the target area. Many Arunthathiar children below 14 years are part of the unfortunate working force in these industries. Very poor living conditions, desperate search for a job with a decent wage, and constant harassment from moneylenders and landlords are part of day-to-day life of Arunthathiyars.

4. Target Area: The 22 villages of the rural Block of Vembakkottai, and Sivakasi in virudunagar district of Tamil Nadu, were the primary targets of SIDO. From 2005 onwards the area of operation was extended to the whole district to respond to the growing needs of this community. According to Census India 2007, the total population in Vembakkottai Panchayat Union is 86, 141 out of which 12,790 are Arunthathiyars. It includes 10,123 landless and 3,386 child labour Arunthathiyars. Only 26.4% of Arunthathiyars in Vembakkottai Block were literate and 83.3% of them were identified with severe malnutrition.

5. Approach and Strategy: To achieve its goals, the approach of SIDO is to bring together the Arunthathiyars of different villages and build a democratic organization for Arunthathiyars that will give them social, political and economic power and in which women must play equal roles. Studies in the target area revealed that such an organization could address the problems related to untouchability, child labour, and poor health. Arunthathiyars were found suppressed and dominated by the other Dalit groups. For this reason SIDO chose to work only for and with Arunthathiars. The members or the organization realize from their experience that education, health care, and technical training will increase Arunthathiars knowledge, economic standard and bargaining power; these in turn will improve their socio-economic relationship with their oppressors and landlords in the upper castes and reduce the chances for crimes in untouchability. Basing on this realization supporting formal education, training in technical skill and health for illiterate girls, providing health care and health education to the needy and socio-political mobilization has become the main strategy SIDO.

6. Formation of SIDO: During the time of we found in many Arunthathiyars in Virudunagar district of Tamil Nadu in 2005 revealed that a high percentage of children among Arunthatiyars is school dropouts and forced labourers in match making and fireworks industries around Sivakasi, Vembakkottai in Virudunagar district.SIDO was initiative by a volunteer Arunthathiyar youth.Targett in 22 villages in Vembakkottai union and Sivakasi Union of virutunagar District ,this small Arunthathiyar youth team mobilized the Arunthathiyars mainly through evening study programmes for students, summer study camps and cultural celebrations, daily home visit, taking arunthathiyars basic issues, conducting awareness training programmes,giving carrier guidance for all Arunthathiyar youths. In 2006 SIDO was registered as a society under the state law.

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