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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Naharjan tiniali,P.O-Bokakhat,Dist-Golaghat(Assam),
Golaghat, Assam
Contact: JITEN GOGOI ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: 9101297016
Website: --------

Activities: Children,SHG/IGP,Others
BOKAKHAT NIRMAN GUT (B.N.G) “Work is Worship”

Naharjan Tiniali, P.O & P.S. - Bokakhat, PIN- 785612, Dist- Golaghat, Assam


BNG has been engaged in helping with all arising problems since time immemorial and shall continue as our motto goes “work is worship” for the society and the nation as a whole.


To improve socially, culturally, morally for the creative youth, downtrodden and deprived people for the upliftment of the society.

The Aim & Object of the society:

Article I: Agriculture

To inculcate updated technology for industrial activities with locally available raw materials. To control shifting cultivation, to opt for low cost technologies for procurement of Agro Horticultural Product.

Section (a): BNG has taken initiative to plant a minimum per 1,00,000 trees per year.

Section (b): We have set up spots at various places to promote agricultural market.

Section (c): Seasonal vegetables and fruits of many varieties were cultivated in the multipurpose schemes.

Section (d): To cultivate different seasonable Rabi crops as well as peas, chillies, potatoes, mustard etc.

Section (e): Educating and providing the farmers the basic necessities of agriculture in the pursuit of making them more smart and efficient.
i. By distributing local and hybrid seeds to creative and flood affected farmers.

ii. By providing “how to grow” training and awareness of seasonal and unseasonal, varieties of fruits such as orange, banana, pear etc.

iii. Keeping them aware of climate change, natural calamities etc.

iv. To take up scientific schemes for agricultural development, such as irrigation, Vermiculture, Organic Fertilizer etc.

v. Also schemes like Diary, Fishery and generation of electricity by means of Small-Hydro Project utilizing natural water.

Article II: Rural Development
To help the educated un-educated creative youths for high-tech multipurpose programme to help them become more efficient.

Section (a): To aid in removing poverty and bring about better living conditions, mutual co-operation and unity among the villagers, by implementing schemes from DONER, NEDFi, SIRD, DRDA, CAPART, NABARD, KVIC and other National as well as Rural Banks.

Section (b): To renovate and construct roads and bridges, footbridges, boat etc. In rural backward/remote places.

Section (c): To take initiative in making educated creative youths, backward and poor people particularly the women independent or self dependant by means of formation of self help group and to help them to get bank loans, KCC, revolving etc.

Section (d): By giving the ideas and proper training with capital arrangement of the schemes. Such as dairy, piggery farm, poultry farm and help them to make use abandoned ponds abandon water body for multipurpose income generation scheme.

Section (e): To make the footbridge, Woodbridge and bridge in required places in our country.

Article III: Art & Culture

To promote traditional and folk culture development of the society and healthy entertainment including setting up of Cultural Group and Music School for future generation.

Section (a): To help restore healthy forgotten traditions.

Section (b): To promote all National Festival despite all caste, creed or culture. To promote and organize sports and cultural programs and to provide basic facilities to the poor aspiring players, especially women from backward section. To observed various special day like Independence day, Republic Day (26th January), Women Day (8th March), Environment Day (5 June), May Day (1stMay), Silpi Divas (17th January), Bishnu Rava Divas (20 June), Dr. Bhupen Hazraika Diwas, Lachit Diwas, Jyoti Prashad Diwas, Children Day (14 th Nov), Gandhi Jayanti (2 Oct), AIDS day (1st Dec), World peace Day, World Tourism Day and Foundation day of BNG.

Article IV: Science & Technology
To make self dependant all the educated un-employed youths industry and commerce are necessary part all round development, i.e.
i. To set up Small industries
ii. To set up middle industries
iii. To set up Vocational institute

Section (a): To encourage the youths to get professional/practical education, application/usage of scientific methods in multipurpose schemes like Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Pisi-Culture etc. for the better results and also for motivate them working beyond the narrow views of religious, casteism and politics.
Section (b): To take up Mini-Hydro Project utilizing natural water.
Section (c): To educate illiterate masses of the society for utilizing modern technology in weaving, handicraft and other traditional practices.
Section (d): To utilize Non Conventional energy, wind power & bio-gas for cooking, lighting, cold storage etc.
i. conducting awareness camp
ii. By providing training programmes.

Article V: Sports
To organize all kinds of sports for youth to provide them the basic facilities by involving ourselves through numerous multipurpose activities for the advancement of the objects of the organization as set forth in the Memorandum of the Association.
Such as football, volleyball, badminton, cricket, athletics, martial arts, adventure sports etc.

Section (a): To promote and organize sports and culture programs and to provide basic facilities to the poor aspiring players, especially women from poor section.
i. by motivating them
ii. by organizing competition

Section (b): Sports is an integral part for Physical and mental development. Organizing sporting competition also keeps community spirits high and boosts morality and unity, thus helping to keep a better communicated and healthy society.
i. To keep in pace with all kind of sports
ii. To make quality sport teams.
iii. To provide the right atmosphere by facilitating proper equipments.

Article VI: Child & Women Development

To open and operate Children Home for child care & Protection for the homeless and destitute children and serve them with love and care.
Section (a): To provide facilities to the women and Children for their all round development.

Section (b): To organize awareness Camp on empowerment of women and Child development.

Section (c): To stop child marriages.

Section (d): By giving the training on various schemes i.e. Micro-finance, Establishment and management, Reproductive child health on total sanitation programme etc.

Section (e): To take grant from various Govt., Semi Govt. and Non Govt. organizations for Poor, creative people, especially the women and help them to undertake various income generating schemes.
Section (f): By creating SHGs and JLGs
Section (g): By Micro-finance system.
Section (h): To help the poor and physically handicap children in getting proper mental and physical development.
i. By establishing handicap institution.
ii. By providing medical treatment.

Section (i): To open and operate for the homeless and destitute children, women and old age people and serve them with love and care.
i. Children Home
ii. Working women hostel
iii. Old age Home.
iv. Specialized Adoption Agency.

Article VII: Health
Rescue and Relief Missionaries of BNG carried out malaria awareness camp in which mosquito medicated net and medicine have been provided in flood affected areas as well as in the town areas too. Hunting fogging was also done by fogging machine in these areas.

Section (a): Free mobile medical service was also provided to flood affected areas.

Section (b): To Organize AIDS awareness camps in Karbi Anglong district in association with SIRD.

Article VIII: Education

To set up small, medium to large educational institute as per requirement (from primary to higher education institute) including professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Technical Institute and also to set up Nursing Homes if and when necessary.

Section (a): To promote Montessari School, primary school, secondary school, higher secondary school.

Section (b): To promote vocational school.

Section (c): To promote Vocational/Technical Training Institute (Industrial Training cum Production Centre) for transforming youth force for this poor, backward area into professional experts for income generation not only for self but for other also, thereby devoting to resolve the most burning problem of the society.

Article IX: Tourism
Assam is a tourist spot, every year tourist’s visit to see the natural beauty of Assam. Kaziranga National Park which is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site is only 10 kms from BNG head office. Many tourists visit the sanctuary every year. By keeping the importance of ecological balance and biodiversity in mind we shall generate employment opportunities, income generating scopes by evolving the tourism sector.
Section (a): By introducing adventure sport
i. By marketing and taking up schemes to enhance tourism in making it more efficient and viable.
ii. By providing cottage facilities for tourists.
iii. By training people for providing guidance services for tourists. Thus, generating employment.

Section (b): To provide River ferry service both for easier communication and entertainment.

Article X: Vigilance

To organize youth and women force to abolish social evils like drugs, alcoholism and to prevent aids and render maternity and children welfare services to rural people.

Section (a): To conduct awareness programme on various socially biased subjects.

Section (b): By creating the peaceful environment against the evils.

Article XI: Skill Development & Employment Generation
To take initiative in making educated creative youths and poor people particularly the women independent or self dependant by means of formation of self help group and to help them to get bank loans, KCC, revolving fund etc from local banking institution.
i. State bank of India
ii. Assam Gramin Vikash bank
iii. United Bank Of India etc.
Section (a): To promote motor driving, welder, electrician, computer courses etc.
Section (b): To promote cutting, tailoring, embroidery, beautician courses etc.

Article XII: Emergency & Rescue Services
To protect the animals of Kaziranga National Park (world heritage site) and co-ordinate with various National, International Govt. As well as Non-Govt. Organizations for all round development of the park.

Section (a): To make wild animal rescue group.

Section (b): By campaign in local people to save wild animals.

Article XIII: Provisions of Funding

To receive gifts, donations and contribution whatever of money and property movable or immovable in any form including the form debenture, shares or securities in any companies, societies whatever in corporate or not, whether such gifts, donations be of person living or by legacy, bequest will or foundation or subject to any special trust or not and except the office and to act as trust or trustees.

Section (a): Managers or administrators whether solely or jointly with other or another in respect and gifts or any property not withstanding that the caring of such trust, management or administration would involve exercise by the society of powers not especially mentioned in this present and moreover, to take such stage of the securing of such contributions to the funds of the society as may from time to time be deemed expedient and moreover to secure such contribution by way written appeal, public meeting or otherwise.

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