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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Contact: Indu Kumar Avasthi ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: Not Available

Activities: Women/Gender,Children,Education,Sponsorship/Adoption,Health/Nutrition,HIV AIDS/SRH,SHG/IGP,Physically & Mentally Challenged,Youth,Welfare,Others

MANAV KALYAN SANSTHAN [MKS] organization is a, not- profit and non -Governmental
organization in INDIA. Though the organization is established legally registered
on1995 and registration Number 181/jodhpur/94-95  by the state Government of
Rajasthan. Established by dedicated professionals who were working in different
child focused organization before. Some of them were experienced orphan &
vulnerable life so far, the number of street children present in the boundaries of
Jodhpur is over 2500 and the situation is really pathetic & inhumane. We are
presently looking for financial support, as for our mandate so that we can take up
the activities in the benefited of the distressed children. However our present
program is running under 'Rajasthan State AIDS control society?, which is based on
behavioral change in the street children. Furthermore, we understand that for
overall development of street children there untouched, we believe that you and we
share same missions & good & you will be happy to extend to us the financial
support. If you have any queries about our organization please feel free to have
communication & sharing. Anticipating a favorable response

MKS  mission is to provide care, love and development for children living on the
streets of Jodhpur

We strive to help as many children as possible and focus on those in most urgent need.
We assist children with their immediate challenges, such as homelessness,
malnutrition and illness, while also developing their attitudes and skills so they
can make a better future for themselves.
We reach over 1000 children daily through our street schools, vocational centers. We
want to do more.

MKS  is a fully registered, non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was
established in 1995 and employs a staff of seventy dedicated local people. Salaries
are modest, the office is small, and we stretch our funds to maximize their impact.
Unlike many other organizations, mks  has little savings, but spends what it gets.

The annual budget is about $200,000.

The eleven-member Board is elected bi-annually and consists of doctors, professors,
social workers and community members
Mks  main activities are the provision of:

        an information/advice help line for children in need
        repatriation of children to their families
        temporary and permanent homes
        medical care and sanitation
        emotional support and counseling
        vocational training 
        awareness, advocacy and research

The temporary homes, vocational centers and counseling services are recent additions
to our services. We would like to expand our thriving vocational training program
further, and build more homes. We are introducing a Monitoring and Evaluation
process across all our programs in order to increase the quality and efficiency of
our services. And we are increasing our fund-raising efforts in order that we may
help as many street children as possible.

        provide care, love and development for children living on the streets of jodhpur

        help as many children as possible 
        focus on those in greatest need 
        do not discriminate or avoid difficult cases

        create a comprehensive system of services to fulfill children?s long-term needs
for education, skills, and emotional support, as well as their short-term needs for
nutrition, health and shelter 

        maximize the impact of this system through: integrating programs, monitoring and improving the quality of service, and seizing opportunities to expand

The organization program components

        Care & Support of orphans & vulnerable children 
        Multyi sect oral the abused child protection system 
        Street children 
        sponsor ship   
        Income generation 
        Gender/Women?s Right/

The end result is to raise reliable, responsible, resourceful and productive
citizens through providing and facilitating the education, instruction, training and
equipping with skills to the children. Besides, preaching gospel & spiritual based

 As we mentioned above MKS accomplishing different programs before & now a days
there are 500 orphans & vulnerable children assisting by the organization. But, due
to financial & material constraints and also lack of getting sufficient training in
the domestic & abroad to build organization capacity, we couldn?t running the
current & the near future programs properly. Now days a number of beneficiary
children increases from time to time. So, we need any partner who is willing to
work with us   MKS  still have no permanent partner who can share it?s burden.
Finally, we kindly request your little contribution & visiting our project areas. 
God Bless our world

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