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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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721, Kalikapur Purba Pally, P.O.- Kalikapur.P.S.-Purba Jadavpur,,9903937263
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Contact: Mr.Kangka Ranjan Dhali ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: 9903937263
Website: Not Available

Activities: Children,Education,Tribal & Indegeneous,Physically & Mentally Challenged,Others,Human Rights

ASSOCIATION FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION NETWORK (APAN)A) is working in South  24 Pargana district of West Bengal with the following objectives:

The main objectives  for which the Trust is established are:

I) To promote economic, social, educational and general welfare of the people in general, poor and economically backward section of the society in particular;

II) To create fund and provide loans and assistance and refunding deposits to the entrepreneurs, business persons, self-help groups(SHGs), cultivators, students, depositors and general people with or without security under mutual terms and conditions agreed upon to facilitate the poors and under-privileged people;

III) To establish, acquire, takeover, start, run organize, maintain and manage Polytechnics, Industrial Training Centres, Medical Technician Training Centres, Crafts Training Centres, Business, Professional and Management Training Courses, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes; Hostels, Boarding Houses, Guest Houses, Housing Complex, Housing colony and also Training and Production Centres for the benefit of the weaker sections of the society;

IV) To takeover, acquire, set-up, organise, start, run, maintain and manage Cooperative Societies, Sales Emporia, Departmental Show-rooms, Publication and other business for the welfare of marginal Craftsmen, Artisans, Traders, Cultivators and other backward classes;

V) To collect donations, subscriptions, grants, deposits and service charges to create fund for the Trust and especially to run the SHGs, CBOs, and Credit and Deposit Schemes of the Trust.

VI) To take loans or advances from Bank and/or Financial Institutions at prevailing rate of interest with or without securities on agreed terms and conditions to promote and run SHGs, Micro-Finance and micro-credit schemes for the welfare of the people in general and poor and needy women in particular and also for other schemes of the Trust.Securities may be offered by way of pledge, mortgage, live gurantee etc of the property of the Trust to the lending authority for this purpose.

VII) To create and work in conjunction of various projects with Govern¬mental Authorities and/ or with non-Governmental Organisations and/or such other agencies in India and/or abroad for the upliftment of the people in general and minorities and weaker sections of the society in particular.

B) Objectives incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objectives are:

I. To reduce or alleviate poverty from the society.

II. To encourage poor people, especially women to form Self-Help Groups and to manage these Groups till they achieve sustainability.

III. To organize Self-Help groups for the basically youths and women of economically backward classes and to extend them all the benefits to become Self-Sufficient.

IV. To make poor people sufficiently knowledgeable so that they can take informed decisions on financial issues like savings, credit and insurance.

V. To conduct programmes for financial development of poor people with assistance from financial and development institutions for the sole objectives of financial upliftment of the poor.

VI. To borrow or use loan from Government Agencies, Banks, Financial Institutions and other Development Agencies order to fulfill the aims and objects of the trust.

VII. To run maintain, manager and carry on activities of the trust for welfare of the community;

VIII. To work for the welfare of the needy people to make basic necessities like education, nutrition food, clothes, shelter and medical facility available.

IX. To acquirestablish, start, aid, run maintain or manage educational institute, libraries, computer and vocational training centre for the poor section of our society without profit making motivation.

X. To help and generate training programme for self employment of women and educated unemployed people and to work for adult education.

XI. To create awareness about nutrition food taking and importance of drinking pure filtered water, also arrange camp for blood donation vaccination, more ever grow consciousness to reduce child mortality and improve maternal death.

XII. To help disable or handicapped persons through creating availability income generating resources.

XIII. To grow consciousness against dowry superstition, taking drug and narcotics.

XIV. Conduct campaign against child marriage.

XV. To create awareness among the people regarding AIDS etc.

XVI. To promote and encourage developments in the field of literary, cultural and scientific, pursuits.

XVII. To work for uplifting status of the women in the society. To work against dowry system and to raise voice against the victimization of girl/women by anybody in the society due to dowry related things.

XVIII. To train people in Public Health awareness and to render help in their effort to construct Sanitary Privy, Smokeless Oven, Home Biogas Plant and adopt various Family Planning measures.

XIX. To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their all round development.

XX. To publish newspaper, magazine, journals and to reproduce works of arts, literature, science, crafts and other allied works/collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge.

XXI. To promote sports and games in boys and girls.

XXII. To arrange and organize lectures, debaters, discussions, seminars, excursions for diffusion of knowledge on social issues.

XXIII. To celebrate various important days like AIDS day, World Literacy Day, World Population Day, World Women’s Day, World Environment Day, World Children’s Day, World Diabetics Day, World Health Day, World Tobacco Removal day and any National and International issues, even Tree plantation week.

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