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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Samsia Rural Health and Economic Development Society (SRHEDS)

Vill: Samsia, P.O. Nahit, P.S. Kushmandi
Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal
03524 263 064;0 9434
Contact: Aminul Hoque ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: NA

Activities: Agriculture,Forest & Environment,Women/Gender,Children,Education,Health/Nutrition,SHG/IGP,Welfare


Vision: SHERDS are working towards Building up Self-sustained communities with widening thought and action to move forward.

Broad Objectives: Integrated Community Development by way of fighting against the socio – political problems of the Society through the active involvement and participation of the people, especially women

WORKING ZONE: The organization is at present working 8 blocks under Dakshin Dinajpur i.e. Kushmandi, Harirampur, Banshihari, Gangarampur, Kumarganj, Hili & tapan under Dakshin Dinajpur district & Itahar Block under Uttar Dinajpur District in West Bengal. And another nearest block is Kumarganj, Hili and Tapan under same district.

GOAL:  To offer opportunity for personal growth and development, skill development by providing technical and vocational skills.

 To develop the status of women by organizing Mahila Mandals.

 To empower the poor and marginalized communities through economic and social development.

 To provide ongoing support systems and services to the target groups and beneficiaries through efficient and readily available management information.

 To reach out poorest and under privileged section of the society for self - reliance in health, education, environment, human rights, economic prosperity and food security.

 To implement various income generation and development programs.

 To work for the protection and promotion of environment and to enhance sustainable agriculture.

 To provide the generation of demand on relief work, mother and health care condition etc. are development of the people.

  To improve the present condition of women and child.

 Stop girl violence, early child marriage, dowry, trafficking …… etc. through women empowerment.

Main Activities: o INHP (Integrated Nutrition & Health Project) o 0 to 2 years children, pregnant & nursing mother’s health development program,

o Gender equity,  New born care,  Birth preparedness for pregnant mothers,  Health check up for pregnant mothers,  Safe delivery,  Adolescent awareness camp under RCH project,  Spacing for small family norms,  Coverage of immunization program entire Kushmandi block,  Development of Nutrition status among the villagers through various activities,  Sustainable development through people’s participation,  Sustainable agriculture development program,  Reduce use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for agriculture program through AGP,  Vermicompost production and training center,  Mushroom training center,  Development of agriculture activities through agricultures imputes i.e. pump sets, loan, training, seed support, fertilizers (only bio fertilizers, not chemical), wheat + pulse + mustered seeds etc support through SHG members,  Financial support to the women group members for Income Generation Program through SHG members i.e. rice processing (kunai), piggery, goatery, aman paddy & boro pady cultivation, diary farm, marketing of rice through farmers club, fishery and so on,  Rexine bag making and training center for women,  Women empowerment,  Formation of SHG,  Savings,  Training & organized awareness camp,  Low cost sanitation,  Regular organized - Sensitization program for women group members,  R.S.V.Y & Swayamsidha for monitoring & nurturing the scheme.  Anti cross border girl child trafficking,  Human Rights,  Financial support to the small and marginal farmers for agriculture,  National Environment Awareness Program (NEAC), o Enumeration of child labor through various activities,  AIDs awareness program,  And so on.

Source of Funding:  CARE – India.

 Department of Environment, Govt. of India,

 B.F.W. Germany through CASA, kolkata.  Action Aid, Kolkata.

 CAPART, Govt. of India, Ministry of Rural Development,

 NABARD (National Agriculture Bank And Rural Development), Kolkata Branch, (for IGP program)

 Raxcine Bag training & Production unit by the SHG’s women with the financial assistance of NORAD,

  Local Banks.

 DFID GENESIS: - In the year 1991 some dedicated social activities from various disciplines observing the object poverty among the rural people, decided to devote themselves to counter the situation by forming an organization. In fact those individuals in social development activities with individual efforts. When their efforts failed to produce desired result, they combined themselves to form an organization. The aspiration materialized in the year 1994 when SRHEDS got itself registered under the appropriate law of the Government of West Bengal beginning with organization of seminars, workshop, symposium etc. with a view to create awareness among the under privileged section of the population. Since 1991, SRHEDS has been operation at village Samsia in the district of West Dinajpur (now Dakshin Dinajpur). Initially SRHEDS had only dependent on small donation from individuals, other funds of Government of West Bengal, Government of India and some Foreign Donors. The project head quarter is located at Samsia about 75 km away from the district head quarter of Balurghat. The NGO presently organizing above mention activities and there is also a special project assistant by CARE – West Bengal known as Integrated Nutrition And Health Project (INHP = II), which has helped SRHEDS to build effective linkage with ICDS, Government and Panchayet. In addition, the project is runs Health Awareness and health Check up programs in the remote areas and regular health awareness camps. There are regular sanitation programs in the flood-affected areas to check past flood epidemics. Recently the organization has taken a step to shape a model village regarding health, nutrition, sanitation, smookless chullah, improved agriculture, kitchen garden, enhance education and economic status through various IGP activities etc. thus SRHEDS has developed into an Integrated Rural Development Organization, though it was initiated as a relief agency with health and support to the flood affected victims. Very recent some Doners also visited our society and they will support for rural development program especially vulnerable section communities and women in the remote rural areas.

ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: - The organization has grown into its present shape and status as a leading organization in the field of community development and flood relief measurers. The program is divided into different development sectors if the field with a coordinator as the head of each sector. The Secretary / Chief Functionary is a visionary social activist, experienced in leading the organization. The sect – oral heads are assisted by a team of Supervisors and Field Level Workers under the leadership of the Secretary in the operational areas.

 STAFF AND THEIR COMPETENCE: - SRHEDS is a good team to work on development activities. Most of them are from local S.C. (Dalits) and minority community and come from the target villages. Many of them had given service to the community because of non – availability of required funds. Now workers are engaged with different social development activities and also they are working with Government programs and also have a good relationship with the people. Aminul Hoque, the Secretary of the Organization is a qualified person with over 20 years of rich experience and exposure poverty scenario and intervention model. He is instrumental in development of the area and able to relate organizational mission with other stakeholders’ interventions and cooperation. SRHEDS governance is very transparent and the organization is known for its high level of creadibility with the community it works with. Though this is in organization evolved from grass root need and stake, it operates and manages its activities very professionally. SRHEDS has group of professional young minds highly dedicated to the purpose of the organization.

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