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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Dr Ambedkar Social Computer Development Org.

Plot No.-32,Sada Colony,NTPC,Jamnipali,Korba
Korba, Chhattisgarh
Contact: Mr Bishpan Tandi ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available

Activities: Children,Education,Training,Health/Nutrition,Physically & Mentally Challenged,Others

Mission statement Provide Computer education assistance,Job assistance and support for street children, orphans, abandoned children and those living in disadvantaged areas and socially vulnerable families in Rural and Urban areas Not only in C.G. State our mission is for all over India. Goals & Objectives Protection of the children’s rights concerning education, medical care and leisure; Providing assistance in the integration of the above mentioned categories in the social life; Providing assistance in the institutionalization of the socially vulnerable children; Creation of a rehabilitation center; Providing temporary shelter for the socially vulnerable children; Providing information access and skills training for disadvantaged. Promotion of a healthy life style among youth; Protection and to popularization the Human Rights ; Attraction the attention of the society , local and foreign organizations on the problems of the orphans, vagrant children, criminal minors. To bring suggestions about them in state, foreign and other organizations; Activation participation in the process of preventing and prophylactic the drugging and alcoholism between teenagers; Establishing a close collaboration with the state, foreign and social organizations on this special problems. History The organization was formed about 3 years ago by a group of like-minded people with the aim to support disadvantaged and poor youth. During these years we have gained a valuable experience working with youth facing health problems, children living in the orphanages, junior delinquents, youth living in low-income families, socially vulnerable families and disadvantaged areas. . In May 2008, the organization has sponsored the launch of a computer class in one of the remote villages .The class consists of 4 computers and was opened in the local area. Two weeks later the organization has opened the second computer class in the section for children . Funding sources From the moment when the organization was formed about 3 years ago by now, the activities organized by Mr.Bishpan (Secretary) of organisation by using own fundings. Project Goal Creation of a Community Information Access and Training Center in order to Empower disadvantaged and poor youth and to provide jobs them not from CHHATTISHGARH AREA ,Our aim is for all over the Country by Dr.Ambedkar Social Computer Development Organisation Chhattishgarh. Project Objectives · By the end of the first year of the project to have trained of the youth from the region in using the Internet, e-mail and the basic Office applications; · Develop and teach different training modules for more advanced users: for young people in the village who are willing to build a career in Dr.Ambedkar Social Computer Development Organisation Chhattishgarh and/or maybe start their own businesses; · Provide access to Internet, E-mail, Office tools, Text processing, Printing, Scanning and Copying services for the general public of the region; · Inform youth from the area about different opportunities (educational, employment, training, etc.); Project Background · General Community overview / Problem identification / Community need Many young people from rural areas emigrate to cities, but the biggest proportion serve as cheap and unqualified labor force. KORBA city has a population and about 1/3 of the population lives below the poverty line. One of the most disadvantaged areas is CHHATTISHGARH region which represents a remote area of the city where Currently the region is one of the poorest in the city and the lack of infrastructure doesn’t allow youth from this region develop themselves according to the modern requirements of the world. The problem is not that young people in this area are less intelligent and/or capable, it is about limited resources that the local public administration and the central government devote for the purpose of providing quality education in the field of COMPUTERS. Another cause of this is not only lacking the appropriate infrastructure needed to offer a quality education in the field, but also lack of qualified trainers, motivated to share their skills and knowledge with the young generation. Only a few qualified young IT specialists would return, or even go to an area like CHHATTISHGARH in order to teach IT skills for young people. This is because the salary offered by the government for teachers is not competitive and motivating, and also, because it is much easier to get a better paid job, even working as an operator in an Internet Cafe, in the city. Project Description The center will consist of 6 computers and a multifunctional printer which will be used to develop and deliver trainings on computer literacy for youth in this area. The courses will be organized on a daily basis and everyone interested to learn how to use the internet, e-mail, office tools will be welcome to participate. The trainer will be selected from the Department of Dr.Ambedkar Social Computer Development Organisation Chhattishgarh and will be responsible for developing the training materials and programs and delivering the courses. Also he/she will be responsible for the daily operations of the center. Location A LOCAL PEOPLE Mr. Naresh Kumar. HAVE ALLOCATED HIS PLACE FOR SETTING UP AND RUNNING OF THIS ORGANISATION on fare. TARGET group The target group of the project is divided in three segments of beneficiaries from the objectives of the project. For the educational component of the project the target group is young people aged 12 – 27 who are willing to improve their knowledge of Computers, The second target group is less homogeneous in terms of age or interest and consists of various people interested in Computers and practical information that may be found on the Internet: local public administration officials, local business people, teachers, and ordinary people willing to have access and use the e-mail, find useful and relevant information on the topics that are important for them, students and various specialists who need up-to-date information, etc. The third target group who will benefit from the project are young graduates willing to involve in the project as organisation’s trainers being offered an opportunity to start a teaching career in the Organisation field, acquire some training experience and have a decent salary. Expected outcomes / Community benefits · A modern and functional Community Information Access and Training Center in the area of Korba; The center will consist of 6 computers with Internet connection, printer, copier and scanner; · A set of training materials developed by the trainers and satisfying the educational needs of the youth from this community; · Many of the youth from the Jamnipali area trained and provided with Internet access; Implementation team The project director will be Mr Bishpan Tandi, who is the Secretary of the organization and who will be in charge of all financial and organizational implications of the project. Mr. Bishpan TAndi was born in Orissa ,at-Raja Khariar,District-Nupapada and he is fully aware of the problems of rural youth and youth living in remote areas, even in the cities. He is attached to his work consisting of helping people in need. Mr. Bishpan Tandi is a truly amazing person who helped through his work so many families. His energy, skills and dedication will help him achieve success in planning and managing this project which will benefit the younger generation become more empowered and be able to improve their lives. . Budget Expenses of the project are calculated in Indian Rupees. The budget of Expenditure and Investment in Organisation in his own capacity and all the expences is attached with this. Project Sustainability In order to ensure sustainability and continuity of the Dr Ambedkar social Computer Development Organisation Chhattishgarh will be to plan and implement different specific educational projects targeting different segments of the rural population. We will use the assets of the Center as a contribution towards the total budget of the project and will only request funding aimed to cover the operational costs incurred by the Projects. Here we would like to add and one of the other projects. We also think that it is really important and would like to make an accent on it and achieve its realization in life. Vagrant children, who left their home , because of the violent behavior of their parents , children from poor families, day by day their number becomes bigger. Such children are not included in the system of the society values, they become only the spectators of the others lifes. They lose their past and they have no future. The adults beat them, hunger illnesses, police ; all these things give birth to aggressiveness, tendency to find protection in criminal groups. They have nothing to do but to steal in order to maintain themselves alive. It means that a big sum of money will not help them in future or protect them, but will go for their maintaining in the prisons and colonies. Because of that , we think that such children must be supported since their early age , to straight their energy and talents in the name of peace. . Our children are different from the children with normal families. They have a strong instinct of self protection and a high stimulation, with habituating to such artificial simulative like drugs and alcohol. But they have a good physical hardening (even if a big part of them had in their life tuberculosis , tiff , scab, etc.), they are strong , have a good perception , they are courageous, full of energy and are responsible in group activities. We use all of these qualities in working with vagrant children by making for them the maximum possibility for a good development, independence and initiative. One of the most reasonable ways of education, we think, is to involve these children in sport activities. . PROJECT WORKING PLACE Village Name Centre in charge District 1 JAMNIPALI 1.ShriAshok sahu2.Shri Dileep Sahu3.Shri Manish Sahu Korba 2 CHHURI 1.Shri Vikram Rajphal2.Shri Krishna Ku.Prajapati Korba 3 JATGA Ku.Jasinta Lakra Korba 4 Rumgada Shri Jai Singh Korba 5 Dipka -0- korba 6 KOTMI SUNAR 1.Shri Mahesh Dhiwar2.Shri parmeswar prasad patel CHAMPA JANJGIR 7 SIPAT Shri Mahesh Dhiwar BILASPUR 8 SUMENDHA Ku.Usha Prajapati KORBA 9 KARTALA Shri Ishwar Suryabansi KORBA 10 DARRI Shri Naresh Ku.Mahto KORBA 11 NEW RAJENDRA NAGAR Ku.N.Tandi RAIPUR

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