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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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East Dehli, Delhi
Contact: Dilshad Alam ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: +91-9811704421
Website: Not Available

Activities: Children,Education,Others

development in harmony with the environment. The major aims being:

• To empower the children from the weaker section of the society esp. girls by giving them financial assistance and thus helping them achieve their educational goals thus making them a responsible citizen of the society.

• To encourage people from different backgrounds to volunteer to work towards improving the conditions of underprivileged people and widening their horizons, thereby in turn getting benefited themselves.

• To work towards the empowerment and improvement of the condition of the marginal and downtrodden sections of society by providing them vocational training thus enabling them to be self reliant.

• To establish and maintain diagnostic centre for poor peoples and charitable purpose.

• To open and run, educational and vocational school or institutions to bring education within the reach of poor & backward children.

• To provide libraries, publish books on educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.

• To provide hostels & residential accommodation that may be considered necessary for the students & for each member of the staff that may be made eligible for it.

• To establish & maintain institutions for the handicapped & for adult education, like vocational training in vocations of household industry, semi-skilled jobs for self employment, short hand & type-writing, social science, languages, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling, physical training etc.

• To provide the best education available in some of the best schools in Delhi, Emphasis would be on character building, self discipline & the development of the creative & social faculties. The society aims at producing well informed & well assured young children just the kind of children that our country needs.

• To control sex workers we should come forward.

• There should be strict laws to control child labour, women trafficking, eve-teasing, physical violence on women.

• For the betterment of staff member & society people there should be always a meeting with the higher administration of the govt. of the court administration.

• In urban and rural areas there should be drinking water tanks and should cleaned time to time under the care running govt.

• Under the govt. procedures we will provide toilet facilities in rural areas to the peoples. • To strive to meet changing need of providing comprehensive and to impart education to children on the most modern lines & provide an environment congenial to growth & development of the children.

• To arrange & organize the social, cultural & educational programmes from time to time. • To provide free meals, clothes, medicines and other needy things to the poor and needy, children of widows.

• To provide Sanskrit Education, Computer Education and Training for poor & needy persons.

• To do best efforts the promotion of research and education on medical science including surgery by running the various/ different schools, colleges, and other medical research and / or educational institutions.

• To arrange and organize various kinds of program, and / or activities relating to family planning and defuse knowledge about the medicines, equipment’s method used for family planning and also provide the family concealing facilities.

• To provide information and education / useful knowledge and the medical advice to general public regarding the vices of the society like drugs, use of alcohol, smoking, AIDS etc. through holding awareness camps for medication and also organize the lectures by export terms of doctors, generalists, lawyers, professionals and other learned persons.

• To make arrangements for mobile emergency Vans/ ambulance for the victim of road accidents, to provide help to pregnant ladies to shift them to nearby hospitals, and also to provide assistance to the old people for the emergency.

• To provide nursing aid to the needy people Especially for the old age men and women, orphan ill etc.

• To awarded appropriate certificate or diplomas in respect of educational, vocational or technical training courses & all type of Computer courses.

• To organize regular computer coaching in the field of career guidance to unemployed youth.

• To establish, run, maintain, finance, promote, Support the computer training centers & institutes.

• To create a sense of belonging, Co-operation, mutual harmony love and affection amongst the member and general public.

• To take up effective but legal and lawful steps for the eradiction of social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labour.

• To stop/ work against the ills prevailing in the society as superstition, hunger and death due to starvation, bonded labour & child labour (Bal Majdoori).

• To make the productive use of the vast unused land through massive programs of forestation and tree plantation. To encourage the conservation of environment and spread the motto of ‘Green Earth’ by growing more plants.

• To bring under productive use of then waste Land through a massive programs of forestation and tree plantation & Agriculture.

• To provide legal medical aid, social economic help and assistance to the farmers.

• Organise Free Eye Checkup & Eye care Camps.

• To spread Education (Basic, Higher, Technical, Vastu, Astrology etc.) by opening Educational Institutions and Centres.

• To Promote Establishment and/or acquisition/take over, run and maintenance or support of schools, colleges, vidyapiths, bal mandirs, Muslim Madarsas, study centers, universities and other institutions for imparting education and training to students.

• To initiate Establishment and maintenance of and support of hostels and/or boarding houses and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students and also by taking the necessary charges from the students who is/are capable to pay the same.

• To generate Grant of endowments at universities, Research Institutions and other educational and scientific institutions (Whether now existing or here after established for spread of education and knowledge in all or any branches of knowledge.

• To Arrange Awarding scholarships and fellowship to the students for the purpose of undertaking, prospecting and encouraging higher education and research work in any branch of engineering technology, electric therapy, radiology and bacteriology, medical science or any other branch or branches of modern applied science in its wides and more comprehensive Sense.

• To act on Establishing or rendering helps to any institution for the alleviation of human suffering.

• To foster promoting advancement of music and other fine arts, conducting a school for imparting education in music and dance, holding music concerts, dance recitals etc.

• To promote the cause of National Integration and unity of India and to fight against the forces of separatism in India.

• To perform the programmer related to effective personality developments and marketing skills.

• To render services to the women, children and youth of the country for their actual moral, social and rights.

• To create awareness through print media & Electronic media among farmers, villagers, cottage Industries owners and mass of the people at micro level about policies, programmes and development initiates being carried/taken on by government at centre and state level.

• To give voice to the problems, grievances and lack of development being faced by farmers, villagers, cottage and rural industries owners, So as to their quick redressal at Government and administrative level.

• To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness Programmes.

Adult Education classes, Lecturers, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programmes, Press Conference and seminars.

• To carry on community development programs/activities and also construct and develop the Community Halls, Club, Old Age Home, Day care centre Charitable Dispensaries, Orphanages, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, Hospital, Libraries, Reading Rooms, give the food to poor and needy persons, Play grounds, yoga training centers, Handicraft, Handloom, Training Centre, Drama Stage and other training and research institute for the attainment of Aims and objects of the society.

• To make adequate arrangements and start/run the rehabilitation centers for destitute, widows, old men & women, poor, Torture Victims, handicapped, and for mentally retarded persons for their social upliftment.

• To open the institutes & hostels for the handicapped, deaf, dumb, blind, girls & women etc.

• To take-up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the blind, handicapped, mentally retarded, deaf, dumb and other disabled, by providing them all required facilities.

• To start various programs against child labour and take-up effective but reasonable and lawful steps in this connection for the welfare of children.

• To provide free legal, medical and socio-economic help/assistance to the poor and needy persons

. • To conduct training and research programs for control of the pollution, polluted diseases and to maintain/secure the Herbs, forests, Environment, Species of Animals, Bird, Wild life etc.

• To help people in the pre-retirement stage to prepare for life after retirement.

• To create a forum for Senior Citizens where they can exchange their various views and experiences, which may be, make available to younger generation.

• To provide information and education/useful knowledge and the medical advise, to general public regarding the vices of the society( like smack, Cigarette/Biri smoking, Alcohol AIDS) through holding awareness camps for Drug-Addiction and also start/organize the lectures by expert team of Doctors, Journalists and other learned persons Sex worker, Eunack, Teaching for HIV-AIDS and Development.

• .To open a center for diagnostic curative and research of Cancer, Aids and other deadly diseases, organized awareness and medical camps for Aids/HIV & Cancer.

• To arrange, establish and run primary, middle and/or higher secondary schools and/or vocational school/institutions and to provide the general education to the students of all sections and also to bring the education of best standard within the reach of poor and backwards areas, specially in the different rural areas of the country/Delhi.

• To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped, blind, poor, SC & STs, Backward classes and other needy persons like vocational training in vocations of house hold industries, semi-skilled jobs for self-employment, and to provide food, clothing medical aid, transportation, libraries, laboratories, reading rooms, hostels, play grounds, and other required facilities to the boys/girls and also to the members of the society.

• To establish and maintain Vivah Kendra for the handicapped, blind, poor, SC & STs, Backward classes and other needy persons.

• To establish & manage various kinds of educational, cultural, social and welfare, vocational training centers in the field of industrial Scientific, medical, technical, agricultural research training institutes to introduce and develop professional courses. Handicraft and Handloom centers and courses.

• To help the improvement of the breed of Cows and other animals useful to mankind and to take all steps for the increase of sheep milk supply to the improvement of health of the public.

• To help, aid ,assets, promote, contribute, finance, coordinate, organize, maintain and carry on any charitable activities without having any profit motive connected with rural development programs including the development of the natural and human resources, planning implement various scheme, drinking water projects, irrigation, water management, soil conservation, land reforms, improved agriculture, provisions for agriculture for inputs and equipment, dairy forming, animal husbandry, fishery livestock, poultry, forest and mineral development, horticulture, sericulture, household industries, rural link roads, establishment of educational institutions, vocational and technical training centers for rehabilitation of handicapped, center for adult education, libraries, reading room, youth and cultural centers, children and women centers, auditoriums and open air theaters, dramatic clubs, indoor and outdoor sports centers, community welfare centers, rural housing for weaker sections, character building, sex education center for individual self development.

• To establish and run orphanage centers crèches for the children and working women and hostels for working women.

• To provide and help/assistance to the physically handicapped people/children in respect of artificial limbs and to give them vocational training on different technical/non-technical/professional/industrial and on the other subjects/fields which will make them independent.

• To prepare the awareness generation kits posters, banners, Audio-video Cassette, puppet shows, skits, documentaries etc regarding various social issues and for the attainment of the aims and objects of the above society.

• To publish Books, Charts, illustrations, Journals, Magazines, periodicals, News Letters/papers and other publications on the different subjects and in different languages for the promotion of above Aims and objects of the above society.

• To approach the concerned authority/authorities regarding the solution of the proble

ms of the members of the society.

• To assist and co-operate the other Association, Societies, Trusts in their work/activities whose aims are same like this society.

• To arrange and manage the training institutions in typing, short-hand, Computer, Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dancing, Yoga, Physical Education and in other professional training subjects.

• To make best efforts and organize various kinds of programs and/or activities relating to Family planning and to diffuse the useful knowledge about the medicines, equipment, method used for family planning also provide the Family Counseling facilities.

• To give, provide and/or render monetary and/or other help and assistance for the relief of persons and animals affected by natural and other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earth quake, storm, accident, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like, to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments, centers or persons doing relief work on such occasion.

• To make arrangement for mobile emergency VAN/AMBULANCE for the victims of road accidents (including dead bodies), to provide help to pregnant ladies to shift them to near by hospital, also to provide assistance to the old people for the emergency.

• To open, found, establish promote, set-up, run and maintain and set up of eye-donation camps and blood donation camps, eye banks, Blood Banks, dispensaries, hospitals and other forms of organization to promote eye donation and blood donation.

• To establish, support, and grant aid and other financial assistance to Medical Institution, Hospitals, Research laboratories and other research centers or and other scientific research institutes for development of the knowledge of human being in subject.

• To promote, advance and encourage and or aid in helping the common man from th

e abuse of drugs and formulate the schemes for ameliorating the drug addicts from the deadly mean of drugs.

• Grant of medical help to the poor, and grant of medical help to persons effected during famine, floor, earthquake or any calamity or war of warlike operations.

• To Start and maintain infact, children, homes, welfare centres and maternity homes for general welfare.

• To provide seeds/fertilizers to the farmer/agriculturists for growing the good-grins/flower etc and provide the same on competitive rates to the members.

• To make survey for collection of data for the attainment of any objects of the society.

• To collect notices, notifications, policies, information from the Govt., Semi-Govt., NGO and other National/International agencies and provide the same to the members of the society and the general public.

• The aims and objects of the society shall be purely for ‘CHARITABLE PURPOSE’ which includes relief of the poor, educational, social, medical relief and the advancement of any other objects of general public utility.

• To erect, construct, alter, maintain improve, develop, manage and control all or any part of the property or the building of the above society, necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and object of the society.

• To purchase/acquire the land and/or building in the name of the society for the upliftment and fulfillment of the aims and objects of the society.

• To fight against corruption and make people aware about their legal and consumer rights. • To fight against unauthorized construction.

• The fight against food adulteration originated in around the 1820’s.

• To promote and participate in all types census programme in any departments.

• Facilitate handloom’s & handicrafts organization to take lead role on mobilizing support services and resources.

• To promote specific needs of weaver community for the development of handloom products.

• To promote specific needs of craft-person community for the development of handicraft products.

• To support & develop market for the products made by economically week women;

• To promote Cluster community & Cluster craft-works.

• To promote production of jute bags all over India to avoid plastic bags for environmental protection.

• To execute plans through line departments, training institutions, NGOs, handloom’s & handicraft’s organizations and allied institution

• To facilitate the empowerment of weavers/craft-persons through assistance for mobilization, organization into associations, cooperatives etc. for their increased participation in planning, marketing, technology, exhibitions etc.


• To makes a manufacturing unit in which we will manufacture all kinds of bags, folders, mats, blinds etc.

• Will work as a contractor in CPWD, PWD, DDA, MCD & in other govt. department’s tenders.

• To promote Delhi “Gramin Sewa” Public transport service.

• To facilitate market interventions for value addition to promote handloom & handicraft products. • To promote skill of artisans & weavers & others related any form through exhibition & workshops & to achieve high degree of proficiency in various crafts works.

• To open branches where ever considered expedient for the promotion above objects.

• To promote & revive the traditional arts & crafts of India.

• To promote interest in general public in Indian arts & crafts & thus spread this far & wide.

• To receive any grant, donation, fee, support and assistance in any form for the furtherance of the objects of the society.

• To frame bye-laws and rules and regulations for the conduct of the business of the Society and its officers and employees.

• To do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

• To establish, manage, maintain and run Educational, vocational and Technical Institutions any where in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and/ or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.

• To encourage games, sports, yoga, Naturopath and alternative therapies and other games for the improvement of health amongst youth and children on the whole by providing playground, sports clubs, yoga training centers and also organize the tournament, yoga & sport competitions on block district level.

• Society will invest its money and funds according to section 11(5) of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

• To receive financial and non-financial assistance from Govt./Non-Government organization, international bodies, Bank, Company and any other legal entity or individual for attainment the objective of the organization and to fulfill the needs of the people.

• To accept donations, grant presents, gifts and other offerings in the shape of movable or immovable properties and the same shall be utilized for the promotion of Aims and objects of the above society.

• To promote dance, theaters, music, arts, songs, yoga, meditation, creativity of the dancers, artists, musicians, singers, poets, theatre persons and others related to any form of visual and performing arts, in particular young professionals through performance, seminars, talks and workshops and to achieve high degree of proficiency in various types of Indian Classical Dance forms

. • To give donations in cash and or kind.

• To do such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the object of the society.

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