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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti

Krishna Colony, Hospital Road, Baran – 325205 (Rajasthan)
Baran, Rajasthan
Contact: Ms Gayatri Nama ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: 9929720681

Activities: Agriculture,Forest & Environment,Women/Gender,Children,Education,Training,Micro Finance,Health/Nutrition,Livelihood,SHG/IGP,Artisans,Welfare,Others




OVERVIEW OF THE “MAHILA UDYOG PRASHIKSHAN SANSTHAN” “Where every day brings new hopes…” We always start the day to make some creative beginning and sustain them thru continual efforts to maintain and implement for betterment tomorrow. At, Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti (MUPS), we always encourage, involve and help people to make sustain efforts in achieving a new hope for communities. About Us The Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti (MUPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the socio economic upliftment of communities across regions. We achieve this by coordinating and executing the various governments schemes on various projects. MUPS works primarily in the field of Women Empowerment, Non formal Education, Vocational Programmes, Training, Health, Creation of Rozgaar Platforms,Awareness Campaigns, Girl Child, Bamboo, Honey and miscellaneous Craft items.

Brief History MUPS began in 1990 with a simple idea to serve the society in a big way. There were a list of areas and identified gaps on which team could work. A commitment is made to support society by giving strong educational foundation, a good time, self esteem and values and help them plan how they can earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standard of living. This was also aimed to make them a part of main stream of the India. Over the past 19 years, MUPS has been working with nearby communities and districts. MUPS has been collaborating with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental towards making meaningful interventions to the deserving lives in the state. From the humble beginnings in 1990, MUPS has seen a continuous growth in staff, beneficiaries and fields of activities. Furthermore, its support base has grown from a close circle of friends to a national network of individuals, corporations and agencies. As a consequence, MUPS has opened a regional office in Mumbai to be more visible and support their future plans in creating more smiles to the communities.

This organization has been registered under Societies act/ trust acts and exempted under 35 AC and 80 G. MUPS is also entitled to take foreign funding through its FCRA account. MUPS has staff of 12 permanent employees along with the 355 project based employees. CSR staff of us is engaged fully & singularly for all activities. Today MUPS on its part is a catalyst, and an observer of a self-evolving, self-sustaining spectacular transformation.

Vision: A society based on knowledge, equity, basic rights, honesty, national sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self reliant.

Mission: Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti’s mission is to make real the idea of a society consisting of knowledgeable, Aware and most importantly Self Reliant citizens, who are able to come together and make a movement to solve the problem in their particular context. The commitment is to work for a paradigm shift in development and governance that is collaborative and democratic. MUPS seeks to institutionalize the idea that development and governance are not only to be left to the government and its formal bodies such as the legislature and the bureaucracy, but that the common man and their associations should also engage and facilitate separately and parallel. The Mission briefly is to construct the conditions in which citizens of backward communities and perspectives can come together and work to benefit and empower the least advantaged society. In an effort to achieve its mission, MUPS engage with various govt / non govt projects and facilitate through a three-pronged focus on the following distinct, yet interlinked areas

• Creation of platforms for people to come together and participate in development processes.

• Equipping village groups and leaders with skills and resources to respond to their own needs.

• Ensuring that members of village communities are able to interact with, and access benefits from panchayati raj institutions and other government and non-government agencies.

Objective: Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti focuses on

• Enhancing people’s capabilities for self-development by working for improved literacy levels, better health status and sensitization against oppressive gender relations.

• Creating sustainable improvements in the livelihoods base by revitalizing the natural resource base of communities.

• Strengthening village institutions by creating an alternative paradigm of power structures and community interactions that reinforce the positive forces of cooperation, transparency, equity, justice and responsible citizenship.

Organization Structure The management structure is organized along a matrix integrating sect oral thrust areas with field programmes. In order to carry out development interventions effectively, MUPS’s organizational structure is spread across different levels. A cluster of 10–15 villages together make a zone. At the zone level, zonal workers are assisted by livelihood and capabilities workers as well as by a cadre of village-level volunteers. About 5–7 zones are integrated at the block level. A block has a team leader, who coordinates the different activities at this level. The other team members at the block include sector in-charges for natural resource development, women and child development, education, and health. While the demand for these programmes is generated at the village level, these programmes require substantial technical and social inputs in order to be effective. There is also a pool of facilities at the centre, which is utilized by the entire organization. This pool includes services of accounts and administration, as well as competent sector specialists. MUPS has 31 full-time staff members, who are engaged in the task of implementing its various developmental works. “INFRASTRUCTURE WITH US”:

Own Building for Office in Rajasthan & Mumbai

Learning center with training Hall & workshop Center

Computer, Photocopier, Fax

Scanner • LCD TV & Projector

•       DVD Player

Four Wheeler

Master Trainers & Programme coordinators

Training Modules (Leather Accessories, Bamboo & Honey) Employees Details:

MUPS is being supported by the 13 empowered and highly motivated catalyst who is specialist in their own fields and extending responsibilities with greater sense of pride. Our workforce is highly engaged and working towards the organization’s vision of creating a sustainable Rural India.

The organisation has a large number of qualified, skilled staff and the organisation has sent them to various institutes like IRMA for training and exposure.

GENDER COMMITTEE: To comply with “Vishakha Guidelines” of Supreme court & in an efforts to address the “Sexual Harassment issues” of women employees, we have institutionalized gender committee at our end.

SNAPSHOT OF VARIOUS PROJECTS EXECUTED BY MUPS Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti is the pioneer to raise the concerns of the society and take required help to work for these areas. These programmes and related activities are targeted at the overall uplift-ment of the village through economic, social and infrastructure development. These programs assist impoverished families to become self-reliant and live happy and prosperous lives. The key focus areas of the Samiti are: ECONOMICAL

DEVELOPMENTSOCIAL INTERVENTIONS 1. Agriculture - Bee Keeping - Soil Reclamation 1. Health • - Mobile Surgical Camps • - Eradication of Tuber Clausis (T.B.) • - HIV – AIDS target interventions • - Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) • - Differently Able 2. Animal Husbandry - fisheries / Aqua Culture - Breed Improvements - Milk Marketing & Awareness

2. Education • - Child Schools • - Lok Jumbish Pariyojna • - Samudayik Janshala • - Career Counseling • - Social Security

3. Rural Industry & Microfinance - Skill Up gradation & Vocational Training - Micro Finance - Gramin Vikash Kosh - Rural Industrialization Programme - Technology Fusion

4. Women Empowerment - Self Help Group (SHG) formation & promotion - Self employment to woman 

5. Small scale Industry - cluster Development of Bamboo based crafts - Cluster for Leather Based articles - Cluster for Textile Looms - Cluster for Carpets and Tailoring

6. Infrastructure Development - Village link and Internal Road - Physical facilities in School - Low cost houses - Major Watershed Projects • Since 19 years, we are into various developmental initiatives with the help of state and central support agencies.

WHY “Mahila Udyog Prahikshan Samiti”(MUPS): We feel very efficient and appropriate agency to execute this project and we support our claim with below mentioned strengths of us: State agency having presence since last 19 yeas Rich experience of Implementing livelihood activities with poor in rural area Vast experience in grass root mobilization project execution Executed similar program in Baran and nearby areas Experienced team of regular trainers and admin staff Well defined approach and strategy for long term interventions Experienced Program coordinators Expertise in adopting mitigating poverty initiatives Successfully handled exposure visits, trade fairs and market tie ups Turnover of approx 35 lacs since last 5 years Our Partners: Since last 15 years, we are working with various training related govt / autonomous institutes to facilitate various training programmes.

Some of the well known institutes with whom we are exchanging our artisans, faculty are mentioned below:

National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training (NISIET), Hyderabad

 • Entrepreneurship Development of Institute, Ahmedabad

Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IDC)

 • Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra, Amravati (MH)


 • Central Leather Institute, Noida • Indian Institute of Carpet Technology

MSME based institutes for various short term needs

Registration Details Mahila Udyog Prashikshan Samiti is registered as per following details : State Registration Law ( as per section no. 28, 1958) Registration No : 104/1989-90 Registration Date: 19/02/1990 Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 Registration No : 125710002

Nature : Economic Educational Social MANAGEMENT OF INSITTUTIONS: As of now, nineteen active members are extending their time and support for various execution and policy related decisions. We have kept optimum representation from nearby village communities and from the women’s of minor communities to give proper attention to their specific needs. 


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