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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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At. Sirki, Gandhi Nagar (Khatal)
Korba, Chhattisgarh
Contact: Vinay Malviya ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: 9421753387
Website: Not Available


Introduction:- Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti is a registered organization with a specific mandate to work for the integrated development of disadvantaged sections of the society that comprises poor, Tribal, Dalit and minority sections. Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti has started its activity in the year of 2000 and decided the priority of interventions At Dipika Village of Khadgora Tehsil, Korba district of Chhattisgarh which is one of the rehabilitated areas of South East Coal Limited (SECL). The organization attained the legal status in the year of 2002 as a society and spearheaded activities that specifically focused on the livelihood of local community those who are at the receiving end of deprivation, bureaucratic apathy, depletion of forest and degradation of local ecology and livelihood system due to various reasons. Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti has established good rapport with the local community and continuously put efforts to understand the real problems of the poor having specific priority given to women, children and elderly. Chhattisgarh is one of the states where left wing extremism has its escalation since last two decades. The geographical terrain of Chhattisgarh is endowed with rich forest ecology and scattered human settlement where Traditional Forest dwellers and Tribal community living by generation. Once the community was entirely depended on forest for their survival however, the fast changing agro climatic condition, correspondent depletion of forest resources has pushed the poor into poverty and struggle without living any alternative option in front of them. In this particular context, Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti has spearheaded its activities to improve the capacity of the community to have a better livelihood option by harnessing local resources, skills and linking the needy poor with local schemes and programmes of state and central government. Geographical Coverage:- Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti has been working since 2000 in 10 districts, 140 villages of 80 development block(s), 30 Tehsil (s) of Chhattisgarh state. Among these geographical areas, the organization has direct intervention with 4900 families that cover 1633 male and 1540 female and 3025 children. Apart from this Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti is closely working or associated with 3 community based organizations like 35 women SHGs, 12 men’s group Panchyat Raj Institutions (Village Panchayat). In addition, SPARSH (TATA GLOBAL BEVERAGES LIMITED) , National Institute of Women, Child & Youth Development (USHA) likeminded socially inclined organizations working in the rural development sector also shares their views and learning with Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti to bring positive and timely changes in their field level intervention to ensure the quality of outcome of each intervention. Vision & Mission:- Community level organizations with enough capacity to take up various livelihoods related issues of poor and underprivileged sections with a clear focus on Women, Children, Differently able and Children through enhancing the existing local skills and resource base and exploring new options that focus on integrated approach with modern science and technology. Forest dwellers and Tribal people of the intervention area have more reliance on agriculture than any other source as means of livelihood. The escalation of agriculture production by enriching the soil and harvesting rain water along with best utilizing the bio – mass is on the priority in the interventions plan of the organization. Gender equality in decision making, planning and benefit sharing is another area of focus and preference of Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti because social inclusion and inclusive development is the part of the entire mission of integrated social development of the organization. The aims &


• To bring changes in the present socio – economic conditions of the poor and tribal communities of the SECL project affected areas of Sirki village and its peripheries where people are badly affected by the coal mining activities.

• To provide appropriate technical input for improving the livelihood of the tribal and poor sections with a main thrust on the agriculture and related activities to improve production, better market linkages and food and nutrition safety of the community.

• To provide inputs and facilitate community based organizations in the project villages to improve their capacity to take integrated steps to have better access to various government schemes that directly and indirectly link the poor and tribal with basic needs like health, education, food, nutrition and habitat security.

• To provide necessary inputs (knowledge, technical exposures) for the community groups to work on behalf the underprivileged sections of the society for bridge the gap in between the government authority and the poor by using Gramsabha (PRI) as their village level platform.

• Bring positive changes in the behavioral pattern of society towards women and girl children and end practices like child marriage, negligence towards girl child for better schooling, health needs.

• Create a society where women could enjoy equal status in their family and society and involve them in all village level decision making process.

• Encourage youths to provide voluntary services without any selfish thinking or expectation of monitory benefit for the holistic development of their fellow citizens living the villages.

• Develop a future generation with concern over environment, natural resources and build up a culture among the project villages to protect nature resources through managing and using it for their livelihood in a better and sustainable way.

• To establish Social Motivational and Legal Counseling Center and coordinate with likeminded NGOs for the purpose of Development Work. Activities of the organization:- Since Parivartan Samaj Vikas Samiti came to existence, the organization has started its activities in the field villages with the strategy to involve community members in the entire process right from planning to monitor the activities. Organization’s strict belief on the equal participation of women in all development programmes is reflective in the activities and its methods of implementation. Main thrust has given to the following areas:-

1. Integrated development of women & children

2. Conservation and management of natural resources

3. Improving livelihood of project villages through technical intervention of Agriculture production improvement

4. Protection of the right of SECL project affected villagers

5.Creating awareness on the importance of Panchayat Raj Institutions & Gramsabha

6. Ensuring equal opportunity and creating ambience for women, elderly, tribal and other disadvantaged sections in the benefit sharing aspects of various schemes especially right based Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme etc… 7. Care for new born and children within the age limit of 0 – 14 through community sensitization and linking with various government schemes like health, nutrition and education 8. Empowering women members to come forward and be the part of all development activities under village Panchyat and take the opportunity of the reservation in local self governance

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