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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Tanya Educational Public Trust

20, Church Street,
Puducherry, Pondicherry
Contact: Rajakumaran ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: Not Available


1. To provide and run school education-basic, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary level.

2. To provide and run collegiate education- pre-degree courses, integrated courses, graduate courses, post graduate courses and Doctoral programmes in arts, science, Medicine, commerce, social sciences, veterinary science, Humanities, social work education, integrated rural development etc.

3. To provide adult and continuing education, non-formal education in all fields, carriers and professions in several modes including sort term courses, evening colleges, online and part time courses both at under graduate and post graduate levels.

4. To provide technical education programme through full time, part time courses and online at the diploma, degree, post graduate and doctorial levels in all branches, specialities, discipline of engineering, applied sciences and technology including management sciences sandwich courses, evening courses, short term and non formal courses and continuing education programmes.

5. To provide industrial education, research and training at all levels viz, craftsman, technical, professional and post graduate levels, through part professional and sandwich courses, training before and after education and during vacations in various skills, arts and crafts as well as various trades and branches of engineering technology, industry, commerce and applied arts, also including all other branches of education, skills and knowledge as set out agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, forestry, textiles, industrial design, home science, deities and nutrition etc.

6. To provide ample opportunities for integrating the education and training with the needs of socio-economic development, social service, community service, rural development, urban development and such other new discipline and specialities through the establishment of research and training-cum-production-centre.

7. To provide teacher training programmes, Teacher Services and Courses for General Teaching, Collegiate Teaching and for teaching in Technical and Technological Institutions

8. To provide job oriented education, training and work experience programmes including earn while you learn schemes and such education and training so as to develop self employment and entrepreneurship.

9. To maintain, develop, improve and extend facilities available in the various institutions under the trust and to introduce additional facilities as may be required for purpose of education, training, research and development in the various fields such as Education, Arts, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Textiles, Dietetics and Nutrition, Management sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Industrial and Agriculture Productivity, Products and processes and to provide consultancy and technical assistance.

10. To accept the Autonomous status to any of the Institutions as and when the University Grants Commission, University of Pondicherry, Madras, Bharathiar University, Bharathidasan University and/or other competent authorities accord.

11. To provide for the dissemination of literary, cultural, scientific and technical knowledge through educational and literary surveys, publication of journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, books, pamphlets in the regional language (Tamil) as well as in English and Hindi and to establish necessary facilities for printing and publications.

12. To encourage, undertake, promote and associate with integrated rural development and integrated urban development programmes and schemes including rural reconstruction programmes adopted by central government/union territory of Pondicherry from time to time.

13. To encourage and promote interaction between education and industry.

14. To establish maintain, improve and extend the hostel facilities for the benefits of the students of the institutions.

15. To arrange/establish and maintain centres of adult education, vocational education technical training, low cost education, formal and non-formal education.

16. For the furtherance of the object enumerated above to maintain liaison with professional institutions and educational and training bodies in various parts of world.

. To help and assist poor and deserving people in marriage.

18. To feed poor students and to start free students home and free hostels.

19. To render financial assistance to the poor and the disadvantaged.

20. To promote and advance moral education, charity and general welfare of the people.

21. To render assistance to mentally retarded, crippled and other physically handicapped children, both directly and through institutions engaged in helping their rehabilitation through appropriate therapy, education, vocational training and other programmes.

22. To conduct social, educational, cultural and community development & religious programmes, such as lectures, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, conferences and other effective means & media.

23. To establish, conduct, maintenance of clinical laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and institutions of similar nature and providing financial assistance to the deserving persons for medical treatment, in any medical institution.

24. To provide for grants, scholarships, fellowships and other forms of financial assistance to the needy and deserving students for pursuing education, vocational training, skill development etc.

 25. To take over and manage and run other schools and other institutions which are sick and not able to maintain by the person or similar trusts.

26. To acquire / take over all the assets and liabilities of any business/societies and to run the same for the welfare of public.

 27. To apply to the Government, public bodies, urban, local, municipal, district and other bodies, corporation, companies, or persons for and to accept grant of money and of aid, donations, gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance with a view to promoting the objects of the trust and to discuss and negotiate with the Government Departments, public and other bodies corporations, companies or persons, scheme and other work and matters within the objects of the Trust and to conform to any proper condition upon which such grants and other payments may be made.

28. To train teachers and workers in ideals and practice of the true spirit of the education and learning.

29. To establish research and training centres for the furtherance of education/learning in its various fields and branches.

30. To undertake and promote research and development activities and industry, Trade and Commerce through the establishment of Research and development centres and by extending technical and financial assistance to the existing R & D centres functioning in industries and educational institutions.

31. To organize and run residential educational programme.

32. To provide necessary facilities or to contribute to educational and scientific research development in any place as the trust finds deemed fit.

. To train the downtrodden people in general for human resource development in view of the emerging needs such as database development, resource survey methodologies, computer, environmental studies, health education, and energy problems.

34. To communicate and coordinate with the government, local and public authorities on various issues related to development welfare and public interest on deferent subjects.

35. To promote and protect Indian traditional music, dance, handicraft, handlooms, art, modern art literature and yoga.

36. To establish centres(s) for the promotion of Music, dance and other arts.

 37. To organize awareness camps, health camps, march, workshops, campaign and exhibition.

38. To work for the welfare of agricultural workers, formers, unorganised labours, industrial labours and migrated labours.

39. To work with special concentration for the child and women welfare.

40. To organize and take up health, educational, vocational and welfare programmes for needy women and children on priority basis.

41. To form women groups, youth groups, self help groups, old aged groups, adolescent groups, children groups/clubs, community leaders groups and group of volunteers.

42. To promote, nurture and sustain Self-help groups/Joint liability groups of poor, including women to enable them practice thrift and savings and use the collective savings to provide credit to each other in the group on the basis of mutual benefit.

43. To enable the self help group benefit from livelihood options and opportunities, such as micro, small and medium enterprises for the benefit of the families of the self help group /joint liability groups to be started and operated individually or collectively as family enterprises or group enterprise.

44. To start all other types of humanitarian service centres, to start small scale industries, factories and other similar institutions to provide employment opportunities to the needy poor and to eliminate poverty.

45. To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine, earth quake, flood, fire, pestilence, etc. and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishments or persons engaged in such relief work.

46. To organise centres for social marriage for helping the poor married people.

47. To start old age asylums for accommodating the deserted old people for the amelioration from their sense of insecurity.

48. Establishment, conduct, maintenance of old age homes, homes for physically challenged men, women and children and persons with similar disabilities and also for granting financial assistance to institutions performing similar activities.

49. To open orphanages and other such institutions to rehabilitate orphans, destitute and distressed.

50. To do any business in India export, import any commodities/goods for the benefits of destitute, widows and to spend the profit or the business for the welfare of the poor.

51. To establish the e-commerce service for the benefit of the society.

52. To impart education and training at the institutions and to afford help to such students as are poor and deserving by way o stipends, free scholarships, research fellowships, teacher fellowships, free boarding and loading, free gifts of books, teaching aids, instruments and equipments.

53. To educate or assist in the education of children and for this purpose take all steps for the formation of appropriate forum and institutions and to acquire lands and buildings or develop places dedicated to educational and cultural progress of children.

54. To render assistance, both directly and through established social welfare organisations, for appropriate literacy, educational and vocational training programmes that will help rehabilitate women in distress, especially widows without any means of support and those neglected and illtreated by their husbands or other member of the family and promote their vocational skills and self reliance.

55. To promote traditional therapies like yoga, naturopathy, meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy, ayurveda, homeopath Reiki etc.

56. To work environmental protection, forestation, plantation, waste land management.

57. To issue appeals raise funds and accept gifts, donation subscriptions in cash or in kind and any property either movable or immovable for the achievement of the objective of the trust.

58. To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or under take on loan or lease or hire temporality or permanently and movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the trust.

The objectives mentioned above shall be the upliftment and welfare of public in particular Christian minority community in the matter of providing / promoting education including higher education in Engineering Medical and other disciplines, to them, so that the educational institutions established and to be established by the trust and being administered by the trust as such in entitled to give preference to Christian minority students.

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