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It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal aspects.
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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
It contains a wealth of information regarding NGOs, NGO management, finalcial and legal database, ngo funding agencies, ngo india, indian ngos, international ngos, ngo training institutes
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Ojasvini Seva Society

B-20, MayFair Gardens
South Dehli, Delhi
Contact: namrata kesharwani ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: 7879021927


  • The objectives for which the society is established are: 
  • To encourage small scale cottage industry at relevant cities, towns and villages for the livelihood generation and self employment. 
  • To provide employment linked skill development training with keen focused on women empowerment and their income generation. 
  • To promote education by establishing, run and manage educational institutions, lecture halls, informal education, part time/full time coaching institute. 
  • To work towards elimination of practice of Child Labour and to take appropriate steps for their rehabilitation. 
  • To maintain healthy environment spreading out the necessary plantation to provide a scheme for doing forestry works canal and embankments and alongside of railway tracks, road sides including plantation of all types of fruits, fodder and fuel tree and all other projects/issues for dealing bio-diversities and also to carry out research activities.
  • To arrange, establish and open library, reading rooms to the poor students/children/working population, member of the society etc. 
  • To arrange, establish, run, manage, control and supervise education institution/colleges/school/franchise centre/health units/allied activity centres for education/social welfare purposes. 
  • To set-up and run Training Centres in remote rural areas of the State, to uplift the educational and economic standards of the deprived sections of society, and to eliminate their prevailing bad social customs, illiteracy, dowry system, child marriage, fanaticism etc. To establish and run various Welfare Centres to promote de-addiction, welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped persons and overall human development. 
  • To establish, manage and run high level Training Colleges to bring out personalities in the fields of science, education, literature and sport. 
  • To work for resource-less and poor people by active involvement in rural development through public participation and to co-ordinate with social activities.
  •  To create awareness and implement various projects on Public Health and Family Welfare and to organize Awareness Movement for population control. 
  • To work for conservation of ecosystem, bio-diversity, flora-fauna, wetlands, renewable & non-renewable energy, soil, forest, and water with the partnership of stakeholders.
  • To create public awareness about AIDS and other diseases and to work for preventive measures. Also to promote blood donations and organize camps for the same. 
  • To work for consumer awareness and for protection of their respective rights. 
  • To make the rural women self-reliant by organizing their Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and to train and promote them. 
  • To implement integrity based programmes to develop the leadership capacity of the society with the keen focus to generate leadership quality in women. 
  • To work for the development of traditional agriculture and social forestry and to carry out various schemes to promote medicinal and aromatic plantations and to procure practice of bio-pesticides and vermin-composite pits. 
  • To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children. Also to implement various schemes relating to family welfare, nutritious food, primary education, health, entertainment etc., for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children. 
  • To establish Libraries, Music Academy, Art Centre and Gymnasium for promoting social and educational up-gradation. Publication papers and magazines on health and to work for the maintenance and protection of antique and archaeological collections of India. Also to establish, manage and run the educational and training institutions for promoting Sanskrit language and age-old knowledge system of India. 
  • To bring about social awareness and to take steps, with the cooperation of Administration as well as public, against corruption, injustice, atrocities and wrongful acts.
  • To impart training to socially and economically backward communities, tribes, women and landless/small farmers, for the proper exploitation of natural resources and develop non-agriculture sources of income. Also to organize them into Small Saving Groups and to educate them for working together. 
  • To make every possible efforts to control/manage the situation arising out of natural calamities like flood, earthquake, draught, epidemic etc. and to provide necessary relief to the victims by securing financial and material support/assistance from other institutions, agencies and persons. 
  • To manage and implement all Governmental and non-governmental schemes meant for human welfare and to secure financial and other assistance from National and International agencies/organizations 
  • To engage in all kinds of developmental work meant for the welfare of people living in urban slum areas.

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