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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Research Institute Of Plenary Rural Development (RIPROD)

NEAR POST OFFICE, NARASANA, Via- Junjani,343030M:9413501882
Jalore, Rajasthan
02969 222355
Contact: Dr. Varun Narayan Sharma ( Chief Functionary )
Mobile Number: Not Available
Website: Not Available

Activities: Women/Gender,Education,Others

Activities: mch, girls education, advocacy for the basic rights Aim/Objective/Mission:  

ORGANIZATION – PROFILE NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION Research Institution Of Plenary Rural Development ‘RIPROD’ And Postal Address ‘RIPROD’ NARASANA, Via- Joonjani Dist.- Jalore (Raj.) 343030 Details of Registrations Regd. Under Raj. Society Act1958 Raj. Act No.28 ,1958- No. 05/Jalore/1991-92 Date-18th Day of July 1991 FCRA No.125580002 Date-30th Day of Oct. 1995 VISION A society based on the value of just equality and self – reliant. MISSION To empower the marginalized and disadvantaged section of the society , especially women by raising their capacities, so that they can improve their qualities of life. STRATAGY To actualize the mission of the Organization, we have Devised a three prong strategy . which is stated bellow- • Promote people’s institution and raise their capacities around issues related to their lives and livelihood. • Augment the resources base of the poor and marginalized section of the society , especially women. • Mainstreaming and strengthening supply of basic services to the remote and inaccessible areas. ROLE Roles of our organization are as fellows- • Coordinator • Motivators • Facilitator • Trainer • Information assembler and disseminator • Resource adviser • Managerial • Internal monitor and evaluator • Analyzer of issues and problems OBJECTIVES • Main streaming the poor marginalized and disadvantage section of the society in the development by the improving their awareness towards their duties and rights.(Basic Rights) • To improve their approach towards the resources of participatory development so that they can fulfill their fundamental needs. (Basic Needs) • To improve the Socio-economic status of the targeted group by the developing their traditional resources of livelihood simultaneously improve their skills of latest technology. (Livelihood) Name of contact person Tel. No. Mobile No. Dr Varun Sharma 91 2969 222355 9413501882 E MAIL ID GOVERNING BODY: S. No. Name of the Governing Body Member Address Education Designation 01 Mr. Amb Giri Goswami Narasana , Via – Junjani, Dist Jalore ,Raj. B .A. President 02 Mr. Jassa Ram Janiyon Ki Dhani , Tehsil- Bagoda Dist. Jalore BA Vice President 03 Dr. Varun Narayan Sharma Behind Jail, Magh Colony BSc. BHMS Coordinator 04 Mrs. Laxmi Chaudhari Vada Bhadavi, Tehsil- Bagoda Dist. Jalore BA Member 05 Mrs. Asha Sharma Junjani, Dist. Jalore ,Raj. MA, B Ed. Member 06 Mr. Brajesh Sharma Sikarai, Dist. Dausa, Raj. MA, RDD Member 07 Ms. Babita Chaudhari Vada Bhadavi, Tehsil- Bagoda Dist. Jalore Hr. Sec. Member 08 Mr. Dhuda ram AGVS, Barmer Hr. Sec. Member 09 Mrs. Kusum Sharma Suthrvada, Dholibavri Udaipur Hr. Sec. Member 10 Mr. Prem Singh AGVS, Barmer BA Member 11 Mrs.Radha Maheshvari Narasana, Via – Junjani, Dist Jalore ,Raj. VIII Member STAFFING PATTERN : S.No. Name with Designation Educational Status Experience Background 01 Dr. Varun Sharma, Director B.Sc., BHMS 1989 02 Mr. Amb Giri, Coordinator BA 1992 03 Mr. Jabara ram Sect. Coordinator BA 1993 04 Mr. Prakash Singh, Sect. Coordinator BA 1998 05 Mr. Hoti Ram, Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 06 Mr. Jaisa Ram Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 07 Mr. Om Prakash Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 08 Mr. Reva Ram Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 09 Mr. Govardhan Ram Mr. Cluster Coordinat. BA 2006 10 Mr. Rana Ram Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 11 Mr. Ghevar Chand Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 12 Mr. Jagata Ram Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 13 Mr. Buta Ram Cluster Coordinator BA 2006 14 Mr. Narpat Singh NGP Supervisor BA 2006 15 Mr. Gheva Ram NGP Supervisor BA 2006 16 Mrs. Svarn Lata NGP Supervisor Hr. Sec. 2006 17 Mrs. Gayatri Chaudhari NGP Supervisor Sec. 2006 18 Mrs. Laxmi Jat Field worker BA 2002 19 Mrs. Babu Chaudhari Field worker Hr. Sec. 2003 DETAILS OF INFRAINSTRACTURE : Type of infrastructure Description Whether created through grants or support Sources of grants Office Rented ,well equipped With computer, phone Internet etc. Yes Oxfam(India) trust Training center Facility available in Office itself Yes Donation Motor – cycle Three Yes Oxfam, CASA Background RIPROD is a non-profit, non-political and secular voluntary organization , incorporated under society registration act, 1958. Since inception, RIPROD has been working towards the socio-economic emancipation of the marginalized and under privileged section of the society. RIPROD has emphasized more towards building the capacities of women .The Organization has made concerted efforts to strengthen the fragile livelihood of the marginalized and disadvantaged section of the society. Parallel efforts are made to build leadership among these section of the society through series of awareness generation and capacity building initiatives. DETAILS OF VARIOUS ON GOING PROJECTS: S.N. Sources Year Amount Purpose 01 Oxfam India trust 2001-2002 2,89,620.00 Integrated Desert Development Prog. 02 CARE Rajasthan 2001.2002 1,42,427.00 Integrated Nutrition Health Prog. 03 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2001-2002 3,19,311.00 Rajasthan Development Prog. 04 Oxfam India trust 2002-2003 2,80,051.00 Integrated Desert Development Prog 05 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2002-2003 4,18,439.00 Rajasthan Development Prog. 06 Lok Jumbish Parishad, Jaipur 2002-2003 1,08,500.00 Cluster level Activities Implementation Prog. 07 Lok Jumbish Parishad, Jaipur 2003-2004 2,86,500.00 Cluster level Activities Implementation Prog. 08 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2003-2004 7,87,412.00 Rajasthan Development Project 09 Raj. Shikhsha Karmi Board, Jaipur 2004-2005 9,17,591.00 SHIVAMBA SHIVIR 10 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2004-2005 57,455.00 Rajasthan Development Project 11 Lok Jumbish Parishad, Jaipur 2004-2005 41,117.00 Cluster level Activities Implementation Program. 12 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2005-2006 1,32,005.00 Rajasthan Development Project 13 NABARD 2005-2006 73,600.00 MICRO-FINANCE 14 Raj. Shikhsha Karmi Board Jaipur 2005-2006 5,30,815.00 SHIVAMBA SHIVIR 15 DHS, Jalore 2006-2007 1,84,722.00 ASHA Training 15 Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) 2006-2007 1,18,882.00 Rajasthan Development Project 16 NABARD 2006-2007 1,05,131.00 Micro finance 17 DWSC Jalore 2006-2007 2,66,791.00 TSC Assistance received from Central/State Government,/ other sources for various Welfare programme during the previous 5 years. (Dr. Varun Sharma) Coordinator Research Institute of Plenary Rural Development (RIPROD) Narasana Teh- Bhinmal Dist.-Jalore RIPROD is working on folloing three areas- basic rights,basic needs and livelyhood. up to now RIPROD worked with folloing organizations- 1.NFE Project- Dept. of Ed.M/O HRD 2.Community development and DDP - Oxfam india trust 3.INHP - CARE Rajasthan 4.RDP - CASA 5.Lok jumbish - LJP 6.SHIVAMBA Shivir - RSKBoard 7.TSC - DWSC 8.SHG - NABARD 9.ASHA Training DHS

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