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SAHARA Human Welfare Organisation


To give awareness about various Social Evils like Aids, Dowry, Drug Addictions and Exploitation, Sexual crimes, smoking etc.To work towards promotion of Social values of love, kindliness, truth, tolerance ,honesty and non violence among society and to undertake the Publishing of journals, books, magazines and other periodicals. To give training and allied activities in relation to rural and urban development.  To motivate youths and beggars for setting of their own income generate units with the soul object to decrease level of unemployment. To Promote and preserve the Kashmir art, culture, language etc.To undertake establishment and management of primary heath centres , hospitals, poly clinics, mobile vans, clinics, dispensary, child welfare centres, orphanages,To undertake and organize campaigns for air, pure and clean drinking water, pollution, green Kashmir by means of plantation and pollution caused due to vehicle plying on roads with.To launch integrated development Programs for RBA, ST, OBC women and people living close to actual line of control and to assist them in setting up income generating units.To promote ideal of nationalism, Social justice and economic equality. To plan, Promote, assist, and guide the Implementation of programs and activities of social and economics nature designed for people living below the poverty line and to get more and youth attached to such programs. To Establish and manage institution for development of handicapped, disabled, beggars, Widows, orphanage and weaker section of the society. To develop professional Manpower of international and National standard by setting up High-end technical/professional Institutions, schools etc.To setup vocational training centres for Women and the people living below Poverty line. To rehabilitate People affected due to terrorism militancy, earth quakes, floods etc.To provide computer knowledge and Internet & E-Com services, software & hardware development inputs to   the people of Jammu & Kashmir.To provide free uniform /books  to poor orphans and sewing, knitting training to young girls. To give  training in the field of electronics to both girls and boys so that they can earn their lively hood.












Financial & Grants Management

Financial & Grants Management

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