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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Apne Aap Women's Collective Newsletter Oct-Dec 2016

Welcome to our latest newsletter, the fourth and last of 2016, all of which we hope have helped to keep you updated on our latest news. We’ve got something really exciting this time,

Apne Aap Women’s Collective, (AAWC) once again got selected for Deutsche Post DHL Group CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), initiative called ‘Living Responsibility’. This is the third year AAWC, consecutively got selected. DHL’s Business Development Manager, Mr. Aman Bhalla has chosen AAWC’s Udaan Project for

The Jury and Council of Board Members of ‘World CSR Congress & Awards’ summit with the theme of “You We Can The Future of Profit is ‘Purpose’” has chosen to confer Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) the “CERTIFICATE OF MERIT” at the World CSR Congress & Awards for its exemplary work with marginalized women and their beneficiaries in Mumbai’s red light area. The award function will be held in Mumbai
in the month of February.

Christmas Day Celebration                              
Nutritional Meal - Umang Beneficiaries
Under the spectrum of Vocational training the beneficiaries went through an intensive training to pursue their carries as Beautician. Few of our beneficiaries got a job placement at high-end salon in South Mumbai.

Our Udaan beneficiaries performed on stage for the first time. The Drama was attended by our stakeholder and “Clown without Borders” – Sweden Team. The beneficiaries also visited Baden Aniline and Soda Factory(BASF) and were quite ecstatic by being a part of an experiment of making Shampoo, water absorbent core(used in pampers) etc. Umang beneficiaries were introduced to E-Learning Sessions
(visual and audible both) where they learnt different identifications of objects,colors, etc.

EDUCATION:  Regular In house educational assessments were conducted for the beneficiaries. Simple experiment on Density of water was shown to the beneficiaries.Table’s recitation is done every day before winding up for the day. Group tuitionshave improved qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Life skills sessions are regularly conducted which includes topics such as; save water, save tree,environmental cleanliness, session on good touch and bad touch, basic etiquettes,table etiquettes etc. followed by videos, dramas, activities given among the beneficiaries.

RECREATIONAL EXCURSION: During this quarter, Drama classes were conducted by Mr.Kalyan (Volunteer) from “Clowns without Borders”. The beneficiaries performed for the first time an on stage, the drama was attended by stakeholders and all three program beneficiaries of the organization along with Clowns without borders – Sweden Team.  Few of our beneficiaries participated in “DAAN UTSAV”. Educational day was
celebrated on 11th November 2016 followed by the discussions on the importance of education. Beneficiaries meetings were conducted to understand their future interest and if they are facing any challenges.

HEALTH:  During this quarter, general medical health camp was conducted.  Few beneficiaries were facing few dental issues, they were taken for checkups and provided treatment. Nutritional and multivitamin tablets are given to beneficiaries on a regular basis. Also De-worming and Folic Acid Tablets were given to the beneficiaries. Eye Check-up camp was conducted for the beneficiaries on 20th October 2016, whichever child needed spectacle, they ever given free of cost.

EXPOSURE VISITS: Beneficiaries visited Salam Bombay, where they celebrated Diwali, attended dance shows and plays. They got Diwali presents and enjoyed the evening. Beneficiaries went for an inspirational movie screening DANGAL at a nearby Cineplex (SPONSORED). Beneficiaries visited water Kingdom, experienced all the water rides and slides (SPONSORED). A visit to Baden Anilline and Soda Factory was conducted by
one of our volunteer “Johanna Knaack” where they experienced experiments at the kids lab such as; making shampoo, chemicals used in making colors, Preparation of absorbent core and also had a discussion with the scientists at BASF. They also visited THE HOLY NAME CHURCH and explored all the beautiful and historical objects, equipment and a sculpture, a treasure hunt was also organized with flashcards.

COUNSELLING SESSIONS:  Regular counseling sessions were conducted with the beneficiaries. One very important topic covered this quarter was “Motivation for Study”, the counselors helped our beneficiaries by providing them a few tips and tricks on how to face the challenges they face while studying. Another important  topic covered was “How to deal with inferiority complex”; this session was especially for the adolescent girls. Few other topics covered this quarter were:
Career planning, Decision making, Health & Hygiene.Group Discussion at BASF                                              Eye Check-up Camp
EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: This quarter was filled with a lot of exciting experiences and celebrations under the extracurricular activity department.Celebrations for Gandhi Jayanti, Navratri, Diwali Party, Birthday Party, Christmas Party, Education Day Celebration, and New Year Celebration etc. were organized.
Apart from this, beneficiaries prepared Christmas carols and dance for Christmas party. Beneficiaries were asked to make season’s greeting cards. Beneficiaries made Christmas tree using craft materials. Other activities included; Queen of the day, skit on save water, essay writing, designing a road map to school or college.

AWARENESS MEETING: During this quarter, awareness meeting focused on few important topics such as; hygiene; cleanliness and healthy eating by Shikha Tibarewala from H.E.A.L. General Information on effects of addictions were addressed where women were also coming forward with their addictions. Awareness on the current situation of Demonetization was covered both its affects and effects. An immediate issue was
observed in a nationalized bank which was discussed with the women where without AadhaarCard no one can deposit or withdraw any amount. The mothers were informed about their child’s academic or behavioral progress in the Balwadi.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING: The training of beautician was provided to the UMEED beneficiaries in the month of September 2016, 13 beneficiaries have been enrolled by the month of November 2016. Other various vocational training was also provided to the beneficiaries with an objective to provide an alternate livelihood to the beneficiaries.

HEALTH: PLHA weight was measured. The weight of the members has increased comparatively. All of them are getting nutrition on a regular basis and their CD4 counts are also better. MDR patient’s follow up are very well taken care by Gaurabai Hospital team. General Medical Health Camp conducted in the month of October – 2016.
An Eye-Camp was also conducted for the beneficiaries on 28^th October 2016.

CHILD’S FUTURE PLANNING SESSION: Group discussion sessions were conducted with the mothers to let them know the importance of creating healthy bond between them and their beneficiaries They were addressed on things mothers should avoid doing in front of beneficiaries like hitting, using abusive words, performing sexual act etc. They were shown 2 short clips on ‘Child’s imitation’ and how it affects the child
both positively and negatively.

EMPOWERMENT:  Few of our Umeed beneficiaries got job placement in a high end salon of South Mumbai. One of them got placed as a caretaker of a patient residing at Andheri. One beneficiary after continuous follow up is getting her pension. Beneficiaries bank accounts were opened. An inspirational video was shown to the beneficiaries to understand the livelihood; games were played in the sessions to make all the beneficiaries known to each other.

ON FIELD ACTIVITIES:  During this quarter, on field activities conducted were as follows; Cleanliness, Tuberculosis, skin infections, information on HIV/AIDS was provided to them, use of contraceptive, some easy yoga steps which can be followed, addiction, hygiene. 63 women got ration. Other activities like; making of birth certificate or affidavit, making of voter IDs, making PAN card etc. details about the bank services was also given keeping demonetization in mind.

CELEBRATION: Navratri was celebrated with the all the beneficiaries of Umeed; they enjoyed performing Garba (Gujrati Dance). Christmas and New Year was also celebrated, resolution activity took place, where they had to write the wishes for the new on the piece of paper and then hang it on the Christmas tree made by the other beneficiaries

EDUCATION: During this quarter, beneficiaries were introduced to alphabets andnumbers through storytelling and flashcards. The elder beneficiaries could write till letter from A to G, and numbers from1 to 3. Younger beneficiaries can now draw sleeping and standing lines and learned slanting line on slates. They were alsobintroduced with the parts of computer and what are its uses. They had firsthand experience in using a computer. Marina Dutta (Volunteer) during her educational sessions with the beneficiaries introduced the stethoscope to the beneficiaries so they could hear their heart beats, they also did matching of animals and human beings skeletons with flashcards, sorting with delight included matching covers of bottles with different shape and size, putting beads onto a thread, solving puzzles, making story sequence with pictures, introducing gothic architectural designs, listening to Christmas carol, spoken English and Travel around the World where beneficiaries are introduced with different historical monuments, sculptures of India, different
landmarks of the city of Mumbai, map of India and Asia using Flash cards. A new volunteer name Ella Craig joined and engages in Art and Craft sessions with the night shelter Umang beneficiaries. She introduced different colors through videos, songs and pictures. She introduced domestic and farm animals. She also made a ‘family tree’ on the wall with the help of chart papers. Session on general knowledge such as about me, domestic and wild animals, different colors, names of fruits, shapes and parts of the body were covered through pictures and videos.

RECREATIONAL EXCURSION: Beneficiaries went for an open bus ride and were shown some landmarks of Mumbai. Visit was conducted to a Museum where they explored all the equipment present there. Beneficiaries went to visit The Holy Name Cathedral Church to explore the historic agricultural design of the church, and treasure hunt was organized for the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries went to visit Nehru Science Center,where they were shown a film ‘I am a Mother’ which was focused on Human Anatomy.They explored to all the scientific equipment present at the science center.
Beneficiaries attended a show collaborated with “Clowns without Borders” where the Udaan girls performed for the first time. Clowns without Borders, Sweden team also performed a dramatization of the Panchatantra before the show ended. Beneficiaries are regularly visiting Nagpada Garden where sports sessions were conducted by the teachers.

HEALTH:  Few beneficiaries were facing few dental issues, they were taken for checkups and provided treatment. Apart from this beneficiaries were suffering from cough and cold for which checkup was done and medication was provided.

ART & CRAFT ACTIVITIES: Following were the activities conducted during this quarter : Making shape out of waste papers and tearing them with fingers, Making fish with paper plates, Making clouds and rainbows with paper plates and  colorful chart papers, Solving puzzles, Flower making with pasting colors on palms, Thumb print activity, Paper cutting  both with fingers and scissors, Dipping different shapes on colors and pasting it, Making earth with the pieces of papers, Making different structures, Scribble foam activity, Flour activity where the beneficiaries made watch, bangles, slides, flowers, butterfly, alphabets and numbers (elder group),Standing and sleeping lines (older group), Making bracelet with straw, Making alphabets with coloring stripes. The art and craft activities are related to the academics so that the beneficiaries are in a constant process of learning.

GROUP THERAPY SESSIONS: Topic discussions on behavior modification, stress relief, self-discipline, personal safety, aggression, fine and gross motor skills, patience and concentration, learning skills were covered through several activities of storytelling and yoga. Various ice breaker activities are regularly conducted between the beneficiaries and the Balwadi teachers to make the rapport stronger.

CELEBRATIONS: Navratri and Diwali Celebration: Beneficiaries enjoyed lighting diyas,bursting crackers and painting the diyas with different colors.Children’s Day Celebration: The teachers first gave a brief introduction about children’s day. Traffic signals were introduced through art and craft activity
followed by a game.Christmas and New Year Celebration: Beneficiaries were told about Christmas day and
New Year followed with an activity where they stuck cottons and red marble paper on a Santa Claus cutout. A short video was shown to them. Beneficiaries also attended Udaan’s Christmas and New Year party where they enjoyed the performances by the elder girls.

UMEED BENEFICIARY:”I never got an opportunity to study and learn to      write. I felt the need when I went to the bank to open the bank account and the bank official asked me to sign. With a broken heart I had to tell the bank official that I do not know how to write. That was the day I made up my mind to learn how to read write. I approached the outreach staff in Umeed project. They came to my house to teach me. I
did my studies with love of hard work and dedication. Few months later I went to the bank to open an account for my child and this time I signed instead of putting my thumb impression. It was the proudest moment of my life. I thank all the Umeed and AAWC staff for always supporting us.”

Our mailing address is:
Apne Aap Women's Collective
61-B, Room No. 6, Ground Floor, Shankarrao Pupala Marg
11th Lane Kamathipura, opposite Pochammadevi Temple
Mumbai 400008

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