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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund — Conserving the Guinean Forests of West Africa

Funds for NGOs in West Africa
Last date 14 Aug 2017

Activities: Forest & Environment

Our grant recipients range from small farming cooperatives and community associations to international organizations. Every grant helps implement an investment strategy found in the ecosystem profile for each region where we invest.​
With our support, hundreds of civil society groups have achieved significant outcomes. For example, their efforts have influenced major governmental policies in dozens of countries and helped protect more than 10 million hectares of globally important land since the program’s creation in 2000.

Calls for proposals and other news about grant availability are announced on this site. Proposals are welcome if they meet our eligibility criteria.​

For questions about applying to CEPF, please read the "Calls for Proposals" section below, or send an email to

Our grant decision-making process is based on the evaluation of proposals in accordance with the objectives and strategies of CEPF, including the relevant ecosystem profile.
Proposals that target direct global environmental benefits and meet the following eligibility criteria are welcome:

Project is located in an approved biodiversity hotspot

Project is located in a country that is not excluded by U.S. law

Project supports a strategic direction outlined in the relevant CEPF ecosystem profile and investment strategy
See all ecosystem profiles.

Grant applicant is authorized under relevant national laws to receive charitable contributions

Government-owned enterprises or institutions are eligible only if they can establish i) that the enterprise or institution has a legal personality independent of any government agency or actor, ii) that the enterprise or institution has the authority to apply for and receive private funds, and iii) that the enterprise or institution may not assert a claim of sovereign immunity

Grant will not be used for the purchase of land, involuntary resettlement of people, or activities that negatively affect physical cultural resources, including those important to local communities

Grant will not be used for activities adversely affecting Indigenous Peoples or where these communities have not provided their broad support to the project activities

Grant will not be used to remove or alter any physical cultural property (includes sites having archeological, paleontological, historical, religious, or unique natural values)

Proposed activities observe all other relevant safeguard and social policies
We will not award grants for $1 million and above, unless otherwise stated in the call for proposals.

In addition, we encourage proposals that demonstrate the following characteristics:

Existence of co-financing or the ability to leverage additional funds

Demonstration of coordination with other organizations to reduce duplication of efforts

Existence of partnerships or alliances with one or more other organizations

Endorsements from other recognized agencies or authorities

Transnational or regional projects

Clear plans for continuation and/or replication after initial CEPF funding

Support Indigenous and local communities in community-based or co-management activities for biodiversity conservation and actions that enhance local communities’ tenure and resource use rights

If support is available for the region​ where you wish to apply for a grant, the first step is to thoroughly review the investment strategy included in the relevant ecosystem profile. Every grant awarded helps implement one of the strategic directions in the strategy included in the profile.

Applicants should also review our application guidelines below and any specific announcement of grant availability.

The next step for all applicants is to submit a letter of inquiry about the work being proposed.

For proposals requesting $20,000 or less, the letter of inquiry constitutes the full proposal. If a letter of inquiry requesting more than $20,000 is recommended for award, the applicant will be notified and invited to submit a full project proposal.

Requests for $20,000 or Less:

All letters of inquiry for grants of $20,000 and less should be sent by e-mail to the following addresses, depending on the region that has a current op​en call for proposals​.

East Melanesian Islands:
Eastern Afromontane: 
Guinean Forests of West Africa:​
Tropical Andes:​​
Requests for More Than $20,000:

All letters of inquiry for grants of more than $20,000 should be sent by e-mail to the account specified in the call for proposals​.

For further details visit the link b elow:

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