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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Africa Mathematics Project (AMP) of the Simons Foundation Grant

Funds for NGOs Last date31 Aug 2016

Activities: Education,Others

The Africa Mathematics Project (AMP) of the Simons Foundation invites applications for grants to support mathematical activities in Africa, including research of faculty at African universities, the training of graduate students, and the organization of international exchanges and conferences.

Deadline for submission of proposals is August 31, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EST. Notification of awards is planned for on or about July 1, 2017.

Level and Duration of Funding: Each AMP award will receive 90,000 USD per year for up to five years, which includes 20 percent for indirect costs (overhead) to the awardee’s institution. Continued support after the first three years will be contingent on the ongoing evaluation of the project.

Allowable Expenses:

    Graduate training (tuition, stipends, benefits, housing, etc.).
Salary supplements for faculty for research and for mentoring of Ph.D. and master’s degree students. Salary supplements should not exceed 40 percent of the annual grant total during any year of the grant and should be justified on the basis of an explicitly stated percentage of released time from other professional duties.
Domestic or international travel for project investigators per the institution’s travel policies (i.e., travel to conferences or to collaborate).
Stipends and expenses (travel, lodging and meals) for visiting faculty and students.
Research equipment (including maintenance and servicing), supplies, and other expenses directly related to the project, including computers, computer support, professional literature and publication expenses.
Secretariat office expenses (these expenses should not exceed 10 percent of the annual grant amount).
Other expenses related to the support and administration of the project (i.e., publicity and web design).

Indirect costs are limited to 20 percent of the modified total direct costs, with the following exceptions being disallowed expenses: equipment, tuition, and any subcontracts with budgets that include indirect expenses. Indirect costs paid to a subcontractor may not exceed 20 percent of the direct costs paid to the subcontractor. Indirect costs on equipment costing up to $5,000 are permissible.

Expenditures in other expense categories may be possible but must be approved in advance by the foundation.

Institution Requirements: Proposals must be submitted by applicants employed at an accredited institution of higher education within the African continent.

Academic Director Requirements: Each project will designate an academic director, based at one of the participating universities, to provide overall guidance for and coordination of the project’s training and research activities. The academic director must have a Ph.D. and a tenure-track or tenured position, be a leader and motivator, a practicing scientist with stature in the academic community, and have strong management skills. He or she will serve as principal investigator/lead researcher for the AMP proposal and will be responsible for preparing annual reports and assessments of the network’s operations.

Investigator Requirements: Each co-investigator must have a Ph.D. and a tenure-track or tenured position, or be a professor emeritus, at one of the participating universities. All participating PIs, including sub-contract PIs, must be at African universities.

Review Criteria: Selection will be conducted through a peer-reviewed process. The primary selection criteria will be scientific merit, training capacity and the quality of research activities. Evidence of institutional support, networking and potential for sustainability will also be important.

Reporting Requirements: A yearly progress report and financial statement will be required no later than 60 days following the end of each grant period. A determination regarding the renewal of the award for the last two years will be made based on the years one and two progress reports.

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