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NGO Portal is a comprehensive knowledgebase of NGO’s and Non-Profits from India and around the world.
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Abilis Foundation -2

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How are the grants paid?

When a project has been accepted for funding, the foundation enters a formal agreement with the applicant. The applicant organisation commits in writing to spend the grant for the specific purpose stated in the application. Abilis transfers funds to the organisation only after the contractual agreement, with all the necessary signatures and attachments, have been received by our office in Finland. By following the necessary steps and including all the requested documentation, you ensure that the funds are sent to you without delay at every stage of the project.

The currency used to calculate and approve budgets is the euro (the currency of European Union).

The grants are paid to the bank account that belongs to the applicant organisation. If your organisation does not yet have a bank account, then you must first open a bank account in the name of your organisation before Abilis can transfer the funding.

The grants are paid in three instalments. The first instalment is 50 per cent of the total grant, and it is paid at the start of the project. When the first instalment has been spent, the applicant sends Abilis a mid-term report. The mid-term report has two parts: the first part is a narrative report which describes in words what happened during the project. The second part is a financial report with a list of project costs.

Abilis Foundation requires that the applicant organisation contributes towards the project. The value of this contribution must be 10 % of the total grant. Your contribution can be money, but it can also be your own work or materials. This contribution should be included and specified in the project budget.

The second instalment, 40 % of the total grant, will be paid after we approve the mid-term report.

When the project is over, the applicant organisation drafts a final report which consists of a narrative report and a financial report just like the mid-term report.

The last instalment which is 10% of the grant is transferred only once the ABILIS Foundation has approved the projects final report.

It is important to note that Abilis requires that an external and impartial auditor audit all the accounts of the organisation. The costs of the audit can be included in the project budget.

Can we submit another application?

Because Abilis receives far more applications than we can fund at any given time, it is highly unlikely that an organisation will be funded more than once, unless we have invited the application.

Each year Abilis selects a few outstanding organisations, which have fulfilled all aspects of their agreement with Abilis, including fulfilling work plans and meeting deadlines. These organizations are invited to submit a new project after a one year period has passed from the date on which the final report on the first project was accepted.



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